Top 3 Best Air Conditioner for Allergies in 2019

Best Air Conditioner for Allergies
(Last Updated On: February 24, 2019)

The problem of Allergies has ravaged many and using the wrong AC unit could also worsen the problem.

Many have complained that their breathing conditions get worse every day and they don’t know why it’s so. Of course, it will if you have failed to use the best Air conditioners for allergies.

Some Air conditioner packs up dust and other airborne allergens when they are not in use for weeks or months. And Once the AC starts running, it spreads these airborne allergens throughout the room, causing a severe reaction to your breathing in the long run.

For those suffering from allergies, you won’t want to feel so much breathing problem when you turn on the AC unit.

Hence, if you’re looking for the best AC units to reduce the hot air and relief you from this airborne allergens, then you don’t have to worry. Stay glued as we provide information about the best air conditioner that can help restore breathing comfort in your home. Also, we have put together the list of the best Air conditioner for Allergies.



Let’s Talk about the AC That You Should Avoid Buying If You Have Breathing Difficulties

Many might love to use the window AC unit since it works efficiently, but this unit has its downsides to allergy sufferer. When this air conditioner is not in use for a few month or weeks, its horizontal vent helps to harbor dust, pollens, animal dander and more. And as you know, these accumulated allergens find its way into your room when the unit gets turned on.

Also, Air conditioners with internal water leakage allow mold to thrive in its compressor, and this could seem pretty hard to clean. Although you might decide to take your time to clean the unit, it will be great to get one that will ease your stress and best for your need.



The Answer to the Best Air Conditioner for Allergies

Now, if you need a better option than the window AC unit, the portable air conditioner stands as a perfect choice for you. This super easy to use air conditioner will help relieve you from airborne allergens and efficiently keep your room cool.

The portable air conditioner might function in the same way as the window unit, but the compressors work differently. The portable unit compressor disperses moist air through a flexible tube which you can place through a window or an opening in your home walls.

Additionally, cleaning of the portable unit is far more comfortable when compared to the window unit.



Why Portable Air Conditioner Has Greater Advantage Than Central AC For Allergies?

For those that have allergy symptoms, you will still benefit more adding a portable air conditioner to your central units.

Central units filter houses airborne allergens easily, and without the help of experts, it is pretty hard to remove and clean it. Hence, these air-borne allergens spread into your home when it’s in use. Although you can call a professional to get the filter out for cleaning, it requires huge bulks to get this done.

Now here is where the portable plays the role of a better option.

For Portable air-condition filter is super easy to remove, clean and replaced. The filters in a portable unit also work great to remove allergens from the indoor air than the central units. You can also move the AC unit easily from room to room as long there is an opening or window to vent the hot air and moisture out.

One thing you should that makes a better option is that the portable unit doesn’t require much skill to maintain. Also, it doesn’t rack up your energy bills, and it comes at an affordable price. So why don’t you end the worries by getting a portable air conditioner?



Things to Consider Before Shopping For a Portable Air Conditioner

If you have made your mind on getting a portable air conditioner, there are important things to consider making your purchase worthwhile. Here You will get a great buying guide that will help you make the right choice.

Room square footage and cooling Capacity

It is certain you don’t want an AC unit that won’t reach all the corners of your room to keep the air cool and also relieve you from breathing difficulties. Using a portable with less capacity in a large room won’t work great to remove hot air and air-borne allergens.

One easy way to get the right size unit for your home is to know the square footage of the room you want to use the unit. To determine this, you will need to get the length and width of the room them multiply both to get the square footage.

Also, you need to know the air conditioner BTU (British thermal unit) rating as it determines if the unit will work great for your room size. Air conditioner with High BTU ratings has more cooling power compared to the lesser types. Here is a great comparison chart to help out

However, higher BTU rating means more weight and size of the air conditioner.

Features of the air conditioner

To benefits more from your portable unit, this is one thing you need consider. Some Portable unit comes with dehumidifier function which helps to remove moisture from your indoor air. With this in place, you might need to empty the water bucket regularly for maximum efficiency. However, with access drain attached to it, this erases the need.

Features like the fan function also help to spread the air faster into the room. Also, AC units with heating features will help moderate the indoor temperature that way keeping you comfortable all year round.

Other Great Features to Look Out For Includes

Programmable timer allows you to set the unit at the desired duration it will turn off and ON again. This in turns helps to reduce high usage of energy. Also, Remote controls give the power to control your Unit from certain distance giving you more convenience.

Condensate vs. Self-Evaporative Conditioners

There are two condensate types; Drip air and partial drip air conditioners. In the drip air conditioner, all condensate flows into an internal water container. You need to empty the bucket regularly to maintain maximum efficiency. While the partial Drip Unit comes has an exhaust hose which allows the condensate to drain out. However, you still need to check the pan and empty any little water in it.


Self-evaporative conditioners are one the most popular types among the portable unit. This type erases the need to drain the water because all the condensate disperses into the air.

Energy efficiency

Since you won’t want to rack up your energy bills using an Air conditioner, then you will have to keep this in mind. When it comes to Ac unit, we already know that this consumes energy, but there is a way to cut this short. Energy star approved unit stand has a better option when shopping for portable units. It saves you more on energy cost as it consumes less energy.

Air conditioners with a programmable thermostat will also help to save energy costs. This feature automatically switches off the unit when the room attains the desired temperature.



Top 3 Best Portable Air conditioners for Allergies

PictureBrandFeaturesLet's Started
LG®• Auto evaporation system
• Top, inclined air discharge
with auto swing louvers
• Dehumidification function
• 12000BTU (ASHRAE-128 Standard)
/ 7000 BTU (DOE 2017 Standard)
• LCD remote control
• Oscillating air vent technology
Check it Out
Frigidaire®• Energy star certified
• 12, 000 BTU portable
room air conditioner
• 3 fan speed
• Remote control
• Antibacterial filter
• Built-in timer
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EdgeStar®• 3 Fan speed
• Washable pre –filter and
replaceable carbon filter
• Adjustable digital thermostat
• Patented Auto-Drain System
• Dehumidifier function
• Remote control
• Washable pre-filter and
replaceable carbon filter
• 24 hour programmable timer
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#1. LG® LP1215GXR Portable AC unit

Considering the numerous efficient products from LG, this portable AC unit also added up to the list. The LG LP1215GXR Portable AC unit comes with great features that make it super easy to use and a perfect choice for modern houses.

With its sleek and elegant looking design, this will help enhance your indoor décor. It can cool a room of 300 sq ft efficiently. This can also serve as a dehumidifier to help remove excess moisture from the indoor air. This in turns,  prevents any adverse effect of high humidity. Its double function makes it a perfect choice for those looking for AC units that can reduce the hot air and relief their breathing problems.

With its oscillating air vent mechanism, you get to enjoy optimum cooling comfort as it helps to circulate the cool air in every corner of your room. It has a 24 hours Programmable timer setting which allows users to set the unit to turn on and off automatically at a specific time. This portable AC unit also comes with LCD remote control, giving users more convenience.

Although the AC unit has 12000 BTU rating, you need to know that according to US Department of Energy(D0S) the portable unit is set at a standard of 7000 BTU. You don’t have to worry about this rating because it can still work great in the above mention area.

The biggest complaint by consumers of this portable AC unit is that it is pretty hard to set up the hose.

  • Super easy to control
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Provide optimum cooling comfort
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Its Programmable setting makes it an energy saver.
  • Double function- air conditioning and dehumidifying

  • It has a short power cord.
  • It has a short power cord. .
  • Power outlet needs to be very close to the unit.



#2. Frigidaire® FFPA1222U1 Portable Air Conditioner

This incredible air conditioner unit comes with exciting features for maximum efficiency. It stands as one of the best dehumidifier Ac unit in the market as it can help to address the high humidity. It has an antibacterial filter to trap tiny airborne allergens keeping the air healthier and breathable.

Its super easy temperature control help to keep the room at optimum cooling comfort at all time. With its well-crafted wheels and nicely set handles, users will find it easier to move this portable AC unit from room to room. This means you get to enjoy cool air anywhere and anytime. Although it is not an affordable option compared to other efficient AC unit, it operates quietly.

The exciting part is its programmable 24-hour timer. This feature gives users the power to set the desired time at which the unit will automatically shut off and on again. With the sleep mode feature, users will save more energy cost and cut on energy. The reason is that the feature helps to automatically switch off the function when the unit is not in use.

In all, its space wise design makes it perfectly fit into your room. You will find it pretty easier to clean the filter and maintain the unit.

  • Easy to clean and maintain its filter
  • Super easy to use
  • Sturdy built and lightweight
  • Its ankle support makes it easy to move from room to room.
  • Modern design
  • Energy efficient

  • Come at a pretty high price when compared to other efficient units.
  • Not as quiet as advertised


#3. EdgeStar® Extreme Cool 12,000 BTU

This stands as one of the most power efficient and favorite AC unit in the market when compared to other on our list. The portable AC unit is known for its high-efficiency in cooling your rooms. It also works great in keeping your room in a healthy state where airborne allergen will find it hard to thrive. With its dehumidifying abilities, it can remove up to 90 pints of moisture from the air in 24 hours, making the healthier and breathable.

It has a sturdy design that can blend perfectly with your indoor décor. This quiet AC unit comes with great portability to allow you to move it around in your home. Its venting system is also well designed to make the setup and movement of the unit pretty easy.

This EdgeStar AC unit has a BTU rating of 12000 according to the ASHRAE-128 standard. But when it comes to the US Department of Energy standard, this is set at a 5500 BTU rating. This portable unit can provide optimum cooling comfort in a 425 sqft.

The best part is that it comes with Adjustable digital thermostat. This feature allows the unit to switch off automatically when the room reaches the desired temperature. Its remotes control also offers more convenient when operating the unit. It also has a washable pre-filter and one replaceable carbon filter that help to remove allergen from the air.

  • Dehumidifier function helps to remove excess dampness from your room.
  • Easy to install venting kit
  • The venting hose extends to a long distant
  • Super easy to control and maintain
  • Highly efficient in a large size room
  • Energy efficient

  • Highly expensive



Wrap Up

With this wonderful information, you will find it easier to make the right choice that will serve your specific needs.

Our best pick goes to EdgeStar AP12000S Portable Air Conditioner as it comes with great features for optimal comfort. It also has nice wheels and handles to make it easier to move from room to room. Although this edge star is highly expensive compared to others on the list, it will provide more comfort in the long run.






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