Top 5 Best Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews in 2018

Best Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser
(Last Updated On: July 20, 2018)

Essential oil diffuser is what you need to improve the quality of air in your house. With this, you get to improve the immunity of your household and get everyone free of the flu. Today, essential oil diffusers now find application in aromatherapy. They help to diffuse essential oil into the air. In other to get this into the air, all you have to do is insert the drops of oil and turn on the diffuser. With this, you can smell and inhale the air, with the scent of the oil. That way, you get to enjoy the relaxing and health benefits of the oil.

Thus, rather than visiting a relaxation center like the spa or a massage shop, you can also enjoy aromatherapy from your home. Inhalation therapy helps support the respiratory and nervous system.

Additionally, various essential oil scents can also help users with issues like anxiety, stress as well as pain management. With these things in mind, we’ve put together our reviews of the best cordless essential oil diffuser available on the market in 2018.




Comparison Table – 5 Best Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser

•No heat required
•Nebulizing technology
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•Nebulizing technology
•Heatless and waterless
•100% leak free
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•3 Timer setting
•100ML size
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• LED blue lighting
•USB or battery powered
•Micro absorbing fragrant pad
•2AA battery
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•No heat, no water
•Uses 100% pure oil
•Spill safe function
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#1. Amalfor USB Nebulizing Essential Oil Nebulizer

We will commence the review of our first best cordless essential oil diffuser with the Amalfor Essential Oil Nebulizer. The Amalfor oil nebulizer engages a durable air pump to atomize essential oils into very tiny particles easily for the body to absorb. It comes in an Aluminum alloy case, touch-operated with a USB connector. It also runs with rechargeable Lithium batteries in case you want to use it far from a power source.

This oil diffuser stands out as it uses just pure oils. It neither uses water nor heat. It is not made of plastic hence toxic chemicals cannot leech.

On the other hand, one concern you might have with this product is that it does not come with essential oil in the package.

In all, it is a great product and a safe way to enjoy essential oil safely. Hence, we recommend this product to help you get rid of unpleasant odors from your car, home, and office.



  • A year warranty
  • It uses neither water nor heat
  • It is quiet in operation
  • Built-in rechargeable battery



  • Oil is not included



#2. Essential Oil Nebulizer Diffuser for Aromatherapy by Two Scents

This is where innovation meets technology. The two scents nebulizing diffuser is well known for its powerful and mood altering capacity. It comes with two reusable 10 mL essential oil bottles as well as  two sent stickers and a USB AC adapter alongside a Micro USB cord. It can run for 50 hours on a full charge with three modes – the Low, medium and high.

The two scents nebulizing diffuser made it to our list of the best wireless essential oil diffuser because it delivers quality benefits. One thing that is certain is the fact that It does not destroy the properties of the oil. It is also a great mood booster during yoga.

One concern we however have is that the warranty period is pretty short – 6 months. Hence, you have to be careful when using it. You also have to wash the oil bottles every time after use making its usage pretty tedious.

Overall, it is portable and compact, used for work, bedroom, spa, car, etc.



  • Great for yoga
  • Portable and wireless
  • Free from leak
  • Quiet and smokeless



  • It is a little pricey
  • It does not use carrier oils


#3. ECVISION Rechargeable Cordless 100ML Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

This portable Ecvision cordless essential oil diffuser comes with a 4400mAH battery. It charges for about three hours and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It does not use any heat source hence essential oils are completely discharged without destroying its important properties.

The Ecvision made it into our list of the best cordless essential oil diffuser because it is suitable for air-conditioned room and winter. It also gives out negative ion that increases the flow of oxygen thus, relieving stress and headache.

The fact that you have to charge it every two hours is one of the downsides of this product.

In all, it is a good diffuser with a capacity to smell through the large room. It helps create a relaxing aromatherapy alongside color changing led Lights.



  • Pretty Colors
  • Easy to clean
  • USB and wall Charge
  • Portable
  • Affordable



  • The battery does not last long



#4. Spa Room Aromafier Portable Fragrance Essential Oil Diffuser

The spa room diffuser is very portable, in other words it is small enough to fit the palm of your hands. With it, users get to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy alongside an inviting fragrance. The device comes with three microfibers absorbing pad. It has a silent fan that spreads out the fragrance to the whole room, perfect for planes, hotels, cars and uses two AA batteries.

The spa room aromafier made it into our list of the best cordless essential oil diffuser because it is very portable. That way, you can move it from room to room easily.

It, however, comes with a very blue light. This might be an issue for people who prefer to sleep in a completely dark room.

Overall, it is a great little machine. It does its job quietly and effectively without interfering in your activities.



  • Portable
  • Runs silently
  • Cheap



  • The scents pad dry out fast
  • Very bright light


#5. Aennon Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

This diffuser by Aennon helps dispel the therapeutic benefit of essential oil to users. It helps break down oil molecules efficiently without destroying its therapeutic benefit. In this regard, it is easily absorbed by the body. It can work for up to 50 hours on a full charge and comes equipped with a 1200mAH Li-ion battery. It does not use water; this means it dispels pure oil in the atmosphere.

We love the fact that you do not have to dismantle the unit before adding the essential oil, unlike other models. So, you do not need to open the diffuser every time to apply essential oil.

We, however, do not like that the unit has no contact information on the manual in case of any issues.

Overall, it is a pretty great product and has not disappointed many users that have bought it according to Amazon



  • Reasonable price
  • No heat
  • No water
  • Portable
  • Last long



  • The manual font is too small
  • No reference contact




Things to Consider When Buying a Good Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser


Diffusers come at a various price; hence you need to work with your budget. One needs always to compare prices as you get to see features that suit your taste.


Mode of Operation

There are cordless, ultrasonic, heat and evaporative diffusers. However, your choice of diffuser should be able to release enough essential oil. This is essential to enjoy the benefits associated with the oil diffuser.

Types of Essential Oil Used

Most essential oils come from plants. While some might be pleasant, others could irritate. As a result, you should research on the type of essential oil used. You can also get advice from an aromatherapist to give great insight into the best essential oil to have.


Maximum Space It Can Cover

The pack of the diffuser will reveal the average area it can cover. Thus, with a large room, you need an essential oil diffuser that can distribute enough essential oil and its complete benefit across the areas. Buying a single unit that can cover the entire room is better than buying many units for the same room.

Safety Factors for pets and kids

Obviously, there are some diffusers do not work well with kids and pets. For this reason, you need to avoid diffusers that other family members are allergic to.




Summing It Up

Finally, we have discussed the essential features of the best 5 cordless essential oil diffuser available in 2017 – 2018. Also, they all offer unique features to suit the taste of buyers.

Overall, our top pick is Aennon Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy. This is because so far, no buyer has a complaint about the product. In all, we do hope you enjoy a great immune system as you shop for your essential oil diffuser.



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