Top 5 Best Dehumidifier for Cold Garage Reviews in 2018

Best Dehumidifier for Cold Garage
Best Dehumidifier for Cold Garage
(Last Updated On: August 17, 2018)

If you live in a humid region, managing the humidity in your garage can be quite challenging. As you should know, aside from your crawl space or basement, it is certain your garage is likely to get pretty cold and can face a lot of moisture problems since it may not be well-insulated or fully enclosed. And due to this high moisture level, this can result in a lot of problems which include mildew, mold, corrosion, and bacteria growth.

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A dehumidifier is one great way to prevent high moisture in your garage. However, you should know that not all dehumidifier can work efficiently in cold garage. And getting the wrong one will only increase your electricity bills without reducing the humidity in your garage. Getting the right one, will undoubtedly get the job done perfectly, and since our goal is to ensure you get the right one, we have put up a list of the best dehumidifier for cold garage.


Comparison Table – 5 Best Dehumidifier for Cold Garage

Frigidaire• 70 pint
• Energy star Certified
Check it Out
hOmeLabs• 50 pint
• Built-in pump compressor
Check it Out
Ivation• Auto-defrost
• Bright LED display
• Castors
• Auto-restart
Check it Out
Friedrich• Built-drain pump
• Castor wheel
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(Best Rated)
• DesiccantCheck it Out


#1. Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control

When it comes to a dehumidifier, Frigidaire is one popular brand trusted worldwide. And if you want to invest in a dehumidifier for your garage, this is one great option. This Frigidaire humidifier comes with essential features for maximum efficiency. It can remove 70-pint water from the air in 24 hours.

It is made from high-quality material for remarkable durability and functionality. It’s effortlessly humidity control, just means you can quickly set it to any desired humidity level for your garage.

When compared to other dehumidifiers with the same capacity, this model is a top notch as it can efficiently remove moisture at a much shorter time which in turns helps to save more energy. Another exciting part is the water collection container, as it’s easily accessible when it needs emptying.

The biggest complaint is that it doesn’t last long and the compressor gets rusty in a shorter time.

Overall, it operates quietly and has an outstanding performance base on efficiency making it an excellent investment for your garage.



  • Quiet operation
  • It comes with a top handle and a castors wheels which allow you to move it easily
  • Easy to empty the water collection container
  • Easy to control the humidity setting



  • It doesn’t last long
  • The inside component usually gets rusty in short time
  • Generates much heat
  • It doesn’t work efficiently in a garage with lower temperature.


#2. hOmeLabs 6 Gallon (50 Pint) Portable Dehumidifier

This is another popular and highly efficient dehumidifier that can remove up to 50 pints of water from the air in 24 hours. This dehumidifier works great on any large room of up to 2500 sq. Ft. It has a drain hose outlet that allows you to attach a hose for continuous drainage in order to ease the stress of emptying the water collection tank regularly when filled. 

It features a built-in pump compressor that helps to remove bacteria from the humid air thereby reducing odors and allergens.

This dehumidifier is an exceptional product as it can remove up to 6 gallons of moisture from the air per day. And the big plus is in its satisfactory manufacturer benefit as it offers you  2 years warranty against defect.

The biggest complaint is the loud noise it produces while in use. Another negative part is the water tank it comes with, as it is much smaller when compared to others, hence you may need to empty it more often.

Overall, it has a sturdy construction, super easy to operate, and can automatically turn off when the water collection container get filled to prevent damages.



  • It has a good water level indicator
  • Remove more moisture from the air quickly
  • Energy star certified
  • Decent warranty



  • Produces a loud noise
  • Exhausts so much heat as it operates
  • Do not work efficiently in a room with lower temperature


#3. Ivation 50-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier works great in cold garage as it comes with an automatic defrost that allows it to work at a temperature as low as 41 degree Celsus. This powerful humidifier can remove up to 50 pints of moisture per day which in turn help to prevent mold, mildew, dust, allergens, and odors for healthier air in your garage. It features a water level sensor that automatically turns it off when the water tank fills up.

This standout as it features a blue led display that helps to indicate the humidity level, fan speed, and filter alert.

It comes with a smaller water tank, which means you will have to empty it regularly.

Conclusively, it works great in a cold garage when compared to others.



  • Frost sensor that protects evaporator coils
  • Transparent water level indicator that allows you to see when it needs emptying
  • Bright led display for maximum control Comes with casters for easy transportation



  • Its water tank is way to small
  • It has no handle


#4. Friedrich 70 Pint Dehumidifier with Built-In Drain Pump

If you have a garage that experiences so much cold, this is one great option for you. This dehumidifier is Energy star certified, and it features a continuous drain operation that will eliminate the stress of emptying the water bucket. It has a caster wheels that makes it easier to move.

The exciting part is that it features an auto defrost function that enables it to work efficiently in temperature as low as 41 degrees. Another great thing is it ability to cover a maximum area of 3,000 sq. Ft. And can extract up to 70 pints of moisture in the air per day.

The problem you may find uncomfortable in this dehumidifier is the loud noise it produces.

Overall, it works great in a room with low temperature.



  • Has two removable condensate buckets
  • Caster wheels for easy mobility
  • Built-in drain pump



  • It produces a loud sound


#5. (Best Rated) EcoSeb DD122EA-SIMPLE Desiccant Dehumidifier

In a situation, whereby temperature in your garage is likely to fall below 15 degrees, a desiccant dehumidifier is certainly the best choice for you. This Ecoseb desiccant humidifier comes with essential features that make it works efficiently even when your garage gets really cold. It has a large display that helps to indicate the humidity level, fan speed, temperature and more for maximum efficiency.

The exciting part is that it has a touchscreen which enables you to operate the dehumidifier more conveniently. Another big plus is that it is equipped with an anti-tilt protection that automatically turns off the unit when it is tilted to a certain angle to avoid hazards.

This dehumidifier has no caster wheels which make it a little hard to move around. And since it is a desiccant dehumidifier, it uses more electricity; hence it cost more to run.

In all, it operates quietly and will work great when used in a cold garage.



  • It is a lot quiet when compared to others
  • It dehumidifies faster and effectively



  • It has no castors wheel for easy mobility
  • It can cause a huge increase in your electricity bills

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Things to Consider When Buying a Dehumidifier for Cold Garage

Getting the best dehumidifier will depend on the temperature in your garage. If the temperature in your garage is likely to fall below 15°C, a compressor dehumidifier will not be effective but rather get a desiccant dehumidifier because it works efficiently regardless of the temperature. The downside to a desiccant humidifier is that it consumes more electricity and can cause a huge increase in your electricity bills.

However, if you still prefer a compressor dehumidifier despite the lower temperature in your garage, it is best you get one that is equipped with an Auto-defrost function.


Final Word

Using a dehumidifier in your garage is an ideal way to maintain the humidity level and eliminate moisture thereby preventing mildew, frost, fungi, and corrosion. And before shopping for any dehumidifier, it is best you know the size and the temperature of your garage so that you don’t regret your purchase. In our view, the EcoSeb DD122EA-SIMPLE Desiccant Dehumidifier rules them all as it comes with all the essential features to keep your garage dehumidified all year round regardless of the temperature.




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