Top 5 Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Spaces in 2018

Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Spaces
(Last Updated On: July 11, 2018)

Thousands of people in aromatherapy make use of essential oils. Aside from its sweet fragrance, these beautiful oils can also provide an additional advantage for physical, mental and healthy well-being when used for holistic healing.

However, for you to reap these benefits, you need an excellent device to help break down your essential oil and spread it excellently. The best way to get this done is by using an essential oil diffuser. This device is highly efficient at dispersing aroma when compared to candles and air fresheners. And regardless of your room size, there are many models that deliver fragrance to a large size room efficiently.


Although it is certain, we all want the best essential oil diffuser for large spaces, that’s why its essential before you make an attempt to purchase one always take a careful look at its diffusing capacity. As there are models suitable for a small room while some can work great for a large room.

On the other hand, what makes Diffusers works great in a large room is its powerful dispersion mechanism as it helps to pump moisture continuously to reach a longer distance and the large water tank that allows you to fill it to a considerable limit. That way, it runs for  more extended time before refill.  If you’re planning on getting the best one for your large room, we‘ve put together the reviews of the best products. But before that, it is best you have a great insight into an essential oil diffuser.


Table Of Comparison- 5 Best Essential Oil Diffuser For Large Spaces Room

•Water control remote
•1000ml water capacity
•Adjustable mist mode
•Waterless auto shut-off
•3 in function
•Time setting
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•4 timer setting
•300 ml
•Auto shut off
•7 colors
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•3 in 1 function
•Auto shut-off
•Timer setting
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•7 colors LED light
•Timer setting
•Low Water Auto Shut-off
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•4 timer option
•7 Soothing LED Light
•Water less auto-shut off function
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#1. URPOWER 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser

This is popularly regarded as one of the best large room essential oil diffuser as it comes with pretty complete features for maximum efficiency. It has three timer settings for 3 hours, 6 hours and 9 hours run time respectively. This diffuser also features a two misty control that you can set to minimize the amount of fragrance disperse into the air. The low mode will allow your diffuser to run for up to 15-20 hours and 10 hours in the high mist mode. It has an auto shut off function to protect your diffuser from damages when the water runs out.

The First exciting part about this diffuser is its wireless remote control. This means you can control your diffuser from a reasonably long distance.

Another great feature is its large 1000ml capacity tank, as it is sufficient to hold enough water that can run for a whole day before refill.



  • It is an excellent source of light as it comes with 7 LED light
  • This essential oils diffuser can also work as a humidifier
  • Easy to operate
  • It has auto power function to prevent diffuser from burning out.
  • You can use all type of oils with this diffuser.



  • The misty control does not work great as advertised by the manufacturer
  • Not a portable diffuser due to its large size.
  • The light will not go off unless the water runs dry.



#2. The Essential Wellness Essential Oil Diffuser

This is one of the best large essential oil diffusers. It comes in a small size of 4.3 x 6 inches and light weight of 11 ounces making it easy to carry around. This diffuser also uses ultrasonic technology to break down the essential oils into tiny particles without destroying its holistic benefits. It can also work as a cool mist humidifier as it helps to add moisture to your room. That way, it provides you with great benefits as it helps to relieve stress and breathing problems.

It features 4 timer settings that allow you to set the diffuser to go off every 60, 180 or 360 minutes as well as continuous ON. It has a large 300ml capacity tank that enables it to run continuously for up to 8 hours before refill.

One amazing part is its auto shut-off function. This useful feature helps to turn off your diffuser once the water and essential oils get exhausted. In this regard, it helps to extend the lifespan of your diffuser.



  • Operate quietly
  • It has 7 changing colors LED light that can help to add more beauty to your room at night.
  • It very durable
  • Made of 100% BPA free plastic



  • You will need to clean it regularly for maximum efficiency



#3. URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

As the name sound, it comes with a 500ml that can sustain up to 10 hours of operation before refill. It works excellently in spreading fragrance to your room as it comes with a powerful motor. Its elegant design gives an exotic and modern look to any space. It is an ultrasonic diffuser with extremely high frequency of vibrations that can break down essential oils and water into tiniest particles faster. That way it spread to a very long distance in your room.

It is made to work as a diffuser, humidifier all in one. This beautiful diffuser comes with 7 different LED light settings. This option offers you the freedom to choose a pleasurable color that will suit your room for different occasions.

The exciting part is the 4 timer setting which allows you to set it either to go off every 60, 120, 180minutes or to stay ON continuously. And the big plus is its auto shut off function as it can automatically turn off when the water and essential oil runs dry.

Overall, it is specifically designed to work efficiently in large size room.



  • This diffuser comes with a motor that operates quietly
  • You can use different types of essential oils with this diffuser
  • It runs efficiently as it operates with an ultrasonic technology
  • It can add more beauty to your room



  • It requires regular cleaning at least once a week



#4. TaoTronics 300ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

This is a popular brand when it comes to essential oil diffuser. It uses ultrasonic technology to break down the water and essential oil into micro particles before dispersing into the air. That way, it keeps your room with the significant amount of fragrance for a healthier atmosphere. This Taotronics diffuser has a powerful motor that remarkably runs quietly; this means it is a perfect choice for your bedroom.

This ultrasonic diffuser comes with a combined three in one function as it can work as a diffuser, humidifier and night light. It has a water tank capacity of 300ml that allows it to run for up to 8 hours before refill. There is also built-in timer setting that will enable you to set it to your desired time at which it will switch off but with only has options of 1-6 hours. You can also adjust it to run continuously.

Another great feature is its 7-colored LED light as it can help to add a beautiful ambiance to your room at night.

Overall, it is beautifully designed, produces no heat, and operates quietly.



  • It can help lighten the beauty in your room at night
  • This is also a perfect choice if you have a baby as it can work as a humidifier
  • You can easily clean the diffuser with any detergent and cloth



  • It has a smaller capacity tank when compared to the first on our list.



#5. VicTsing 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

This is uniquely designed with wood grain finishes making it aesthetically pleasing when used in your room. It is extremely portable as it comes in a small size measuring 6.6 by 6.6by 4.75 inches and weighs 14.4oz. With its large water capacity tank of 300 ml, this diffuser is not just a thing of beauty but works excellently in spreading fragrance to your room. It operates quietly as it uses ultrasonic technology to spread fragrance. This means the diffuser will not disturb your sleep.

It features a timer setting that allows you to determine the duration you want your diffuser to run before it switches off. You can also set it to run continuously. With this diffuser, you don’t have to worry once the water and essential oil dry up because it has an auto shut-off function that can automatically turn it off.



  • It has a cold misty control that you use to minimize or maximize the amount of fragrance dispersed.
  • This diffuser is sleep-friendly because it runs quietly
  • 7 different LED light with dim and brighter option.
  • You can use several oils with this essential oil diffuser
  • It can work as a humidifier.
  • Made of high plastic for durability



  • • This diffuser is not as powerful to push fragrance to a large room.



Things to Consider When Buying Essential Oil Diffusers for Large Room

When it comes to a diffuser for large room, having an insight on the benefits is not all that matters. But choosing the best one that can work efficiently to disperse the essential oils to your large room, that way you will enjoy the amazing benefits. Here are other things you need to consider.


A diffuser with large water tank can run for a very long time before it will require a refill. As you should know, some diffuser can disperse a lot of the broken down oils quickly especially those that has a powerful motor. Hence it is best you get a diffuser with a high capacity tank so that it lessens the stress of refilling.  In other words, you need a diffuser that can contain at least 300ml of diluted or undiluted oils.



This is one of the most important things to always put into consideration if you need a diffuser to disperse fragrance to a large room. There are diffusers with powerful motors that can put out a lot of fragrance efficiently. But, it is essential to consider one that can operate quietly. Among the different types of oil diffuser, the ultrasonic models are best bet when it comes to having a quiet motor. You can also opt for a nebulizer as they also have powerful motors and runs quietly.

Timer Setting

To minimize the usage of your essential oils, this is one important thing to put in mind. You ought to know that without timer settings, your diffuser will disperse fragrance continuously even when not needed.

Getting a diffuser with a timer setting will help prevent wastage of your essential oils. In other words, it allows you to set it to a desired duration at which the diffuser will switch off.  That way, it controls the amount of fragrance dispensed in your room.


Types of Essential Oil Diffuser

The four types of diffuser typically found in the market are: ultrasonic, heat diffusers, evaporative diffuser, nebulizers

Ultrasonic Diffuser

This type uses high-frequency vibration technique to break down liquid before dispersing it into the air. It works with all types of essential oils but requires a mixture of water. In other words, it does not work efficiently with only undiluted oils. Another take is that it needs regular cleaning after use for maximum efficiency.

The big plus to the ultrasonic types is the humidifying features, as it can be used to add moistures to your room. This will undoubtedly help out during winter when there is lots of dry air in your room. However, it is advisable not to use any citrus oils with this diffuser as it tends to be corrosive to the ultrasonic components.

Heat Diffusers

This type operates quietly. It uses a heating element to break up essential oils before dispersing into the air with the aid of a small fan. Some of these types of diffuser operate with high degree of heat to change the chemical composition of the oil into scent, but this eliminates the healing benefits of your essential oils. Getting one that uses a lower degree of heat will be great as this can keep things minimal without destroying the other essential compounds of the essential oils. That way you get the full benefits of the oils.

Evaporative Essential Oil Diffusers

This type pumps out air across essential oils with the aid of a small fan, causing fast evaporation as it turns from liquid to gas. One exciting thing about an evaporative diffuser is the price as it is pretty cheaper when compared to other types. Also, it works great to disperse fragrance to your room. But not highly efficient to provide your room with a complete essential oil benefit because it evaporates the vital component of the essential oil at a much more slower rate.

Nebulizing diffusers

A nebulizer diffuser requires no heating; it is BPA free, and work efficiently with undiluted oils. Specifically, they are regarded as one of the best types of diffusers. It pumps a stream of air from its air pump that passes through a pump tube that way, creating a vacuum that sucks up the oil to the surface of the nebulizer tube. Then the constant condense air allows the broken down oils to disperse into the air. That way, it saturates the air with sweet fragrance rapidly.


Benefits of Essential Oils in a Large Room

Pain Reliever

Essential oil like lavender, peppermint, marjoram, when used in oil diffusers can also work as a pain reliever. If you have a severe headache, using an oil diffuser with essential oils can help relieve the pain just by inhaling the fragrance.


The most popular use of essential oils diffuser is to provide your room with pleasurable and sweet fragrance. Not only that, it spreads the pleasant smell to multiple rooms in your home. That way, you get all the essential benefits in more than one room all at once.

Health Stimulator

Essential oils like Vetiver with your oil diffuser can help to stimulate and regulate your central nervous system. On the other hand, It can also help to speed up the rate at which your lymphatic system get rid of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials from the body.

Prevent ailment

Some essential oil like Eucalyptus, Love bud, and cinnamon with oil diffuser can help to combat certain bacteria and viruses effectively. That means it saves you from health problems like sinus congestion, cough, flu, cold.  Overall, it can help to improve your immunity as they can prevent further ailments.


Summing it up

There are thousands of essential oil diffusers available in the marketplace today. The 4 types of diffusers discussed above will help you to decide the one you need. We have researched for you to eliminate any confusion you might have.



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