Top 5 Best Humidifier for Pregnancy and Baby in 2018

Best Humidifier for Pregnancy
(Last Updated On: August 25, 2018)

One exciting part of life for every mother is getting pregnant but at this point, they also have to focus more on their health. Before your baby arrives, having healthy well-being is one major thing to consider. This includes creating a healthy and safe environment for you and the unborn child.

You ought to know winter brings many challenges. One of which is low humidity levels.


Dry air low levels of humidity, which can make one feel uncomfortable and have a harmful effect on your body. In other words, this dryness results in severe itching of the skin. Also, this can have adverse effects on the respiratory system making breathing more difficult. Since you don’t want this keeping the air moist is one easy way out. Hence, you have to consider getting the best humidifier during pregnancy.

Now, let’s get into our review for the best humidifier for pregnancy in 2018.


Comparison Table – Top 5 Best Humidifier for Pregnancy

• 2 Liter
• Optional timer settings
• High and low mist level( misty control)
• Soft night light
• Detachable power cable
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• Smart LED light
• Adjustable misty control
• Aromatic humidifier
• 360 degree nozzle
• 2year warranty
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• 360 degree rotating nozzles
• 7 option color LED light
• Adjusting humidity knob
• 3.5 litre tank
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• Anti-Bac filter
• 45 degree rotating nozzle
• Auto-shut off function
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• 4.5 L large capacity
• Built in Light
• Adjustable misty level
• Work as an aromatherapy diffuser
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#1. Anypro Cold Mist Humidifier

This sturdy blue machine is an ideal choice for you. It has a storage water tank of 2L for longer running hours. It measures 8.7 x 8.6 x 9.9 in, which makes it easier to move from room to room.


The device has a stylish look that can blend easily with the interior decor of the room. Additionally, it can run for 16 hours with a single fill up.

The downside is its holes’ being too small which makes it pretty difficult to drain and clean the inner part of the humidifier easily. Also, it does not work great in dispersing moisture to large spaces.

In all, the device works great in providing moisture to a fairly large space and has a beautiful design.



  • It runs for longer hours
  • Has an appealing look



  • Slow in providing moisture that can cover your room


#2. Geniani Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier

The Geniani aroma humidifier has a tank with a volume of 2.4l. It also features a 360- degree nozzle that helps to disperse mist in different directions.


The unit operates quietly; this gives it the advantage of being a perfect device to use when you’re pregnant. It also works as an aromatic diffuser. This means it saves you more money as you don’t need to get an essential oil diffuser for aroma the.  Furthermore, it can run for of up to 24 hours, that way it keeps your room moist all day.

However, it’s quite fragile, and it does not operate for long hours as advertised.

Overall, this humidifier is an excellent choice to consider when pregnant due to its noiseless operation. It also serves as a dual-purpose humidifier.



  • It can work as an aromatic diffuser
  • Noiseless operation
  • Smart LED light
  • It has a misty control
  • 2 year warranty



  • Not durable
  • It does not run for long hours as advertised



#3. Bartnelli Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This product has a 3.5L tank and can cover a room size of 500 square feet. It also has mist nozzles that can rotate at 360 degrees to dispersed mist.

The large storage capacity of this item makes it a worthy investment. It has a night light which comes in seven optional colors that can lighten your mood during the day and at night.

Although the device works excellent in dispersing mist, it is also difficult to clean. Also, it does not have handles, making it difficult to carry around.

In all, the device serves as a great choice for a large room. However, it is not easy to clean which acts as a major drawback otherwise it works efficiently.



  • Large storage tank
  • Work great for large spaces



  • Difficult to clean


#4. VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifier

This great product from the VicTsing has a 2.0l tank. The device dispersed mist at a maximum output of 180ml/h.

It has an air duct that gives it the ability to create powerful mists. Also, it features an anti-bacterial in its water tank that restricts the growth of harmful microbes making it safe for use.

The design flaw of the unit is its water tank as it requires you pay close attention when refilling it to avoid leaks.

Without considering its downside, the device emits powerful mists and has a great feature that prevents germs from combining with the dispersed mist.



  • Creates powerful mists
  • It has an antibacterial filter



  • It leaks when refilling
  • It does not double as an aromatic diffuser



#5. Levoit Cool Mist Humidifier

The device comes in a pretty small size which measures 7.87 x 6.14 x 13.82 in, making it very portable for home use. It has a remarkably large tank of 4.5l giving it the ability to run for longer periods.  Its large capacity makes it runs for up to 40 hours when filled.


You can easily carry this device from room to room as it has a comfortable handle. Also, it has an automatic shut-off function in case the water runs dry to prevent it from burning out,

On the other hand, the screw cap of the water tank requires much effort to remove it. In this regard, it becomes pretty hard to refill.

Ultimately, this humidifier provides adequate moisture to cater for not only for you but also your entire household.



  • Automatic shut-off function
  • Large storage capacity
  • Durable handles
  • You can use essential oil with diffuser



  • Tight screw cap




Things to Consider When Buying a Good Humidifier for Pregnancy

Automatic Shutdown

This feature enables the humidifier to stop functioning once the water runs dry out.  That way, it prevents damages. Also, it keeps you less worried and safe at bedtime.

Anti-Microbial Features

These features come in the form of filters or lamps. They restrict the growth of harmful organisms and reduce the needs to clean the unit regularly.

Replaceable Filters

Any Humidifier with replaceable filter makes for a worthy device to use for home. Although, it is more expensive when compared with to other models. However, permanent filters work great in a humidifier, but it requires the services of trained personnel in case of damage.


Being pregnant, you will require one that operates quietly. For this reason, large ones should be kept away from smaller rooms as they create noises that can disturb your bedtime.


Table top humidifiers with ideal features cost lesser than the in-duct units. With this in mind, purchasing such types saves you more money and does not require an expert to get it installed.


Since safety caution is one most important thing to consider when using any machine, buying one that provides cool mist will be an ideal choice. Because the mist dispersed from this type of unit is at a low temperature, keeping you safe from burns.

Now you know what to look out for when buying a humidifier for your baby’s comfort. Now, what are the benefits of using a humidifier?




Benefits of Humidifier for Baby and Pregnancy

You ought to know, that Babies have soft bodies with weaker immune systems. Using a humidifier will help create a healthy atmosphere that will make them feel more comfortable you will need a humidifier. Not only that but also it provides great benefit. Here is the advantage of using a humidifier for babies and during pregnancy as well.

Prevents Skin Irritation

Due to the softness baby’s skin, this makes it easier to become dry, and this can leads to itching and patchy skin. Furthermore, irritated skin easily gets infected. With humidifiers, the mist it provides makes the skin supple and moist.

Prevents Ailment

Viruses thrive in dry air; this can lead to nasal congestion and other nasty infections making it pretty difficult for you to breathe comfortably. The best humidifiers for pregnancy release water droplets comes with anti-bacterial features which can counter harmful organisms.

Prevents Nose Bleeds

Extreme dryness ruptures the membranes in your baby’s nose resulting in painful nosebleeds. With humidifiers present in the room, it helps to prevent such issues.


As a parent or expectant mother, a soothing hum from a humidifier will help your baby sleep even while in your womb.

Reduces Hot Air

No one feels comfortable in a hot room, including babies. Furnaces make rooms hot during the cold seasons. Using cool mist models will make the room more favorable even with a burning furnace.

Reduces the Risk of Static Shocks

Although not a serious threat, but static shocks in your babies blanket can make him/her feel have a hard time while sleeping.  A good humidifier helps to reduce static shock.




Final Words

Dry air as a result of low levels of humidity can create a harmful environment for your baby. Humidifiers help to provide the moisture needed to counter the adverse effects of dry air.

The factors to take note of when purchasing a good humidifier include the noise levels, price, safety, auto shut-off and the presence of replaceable filters.

Our top pick from this collection is the Geniani Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier. We choose this because it can also work as an aroma humidifier and have all the functions of the normal humidifier.

All the products above can make you feel comfortable keeping your indoor air moist. That way, it helps expectant mother can stay free from a related problem caused by dry air.





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