Best Humidifier Setting For Winter You Need to Know in 2018

Best Humidifier Setting For Winter
Best Humidifier Setting For Winter
(Last Updated On: August 17, 2018)

In winter, the air becomes cold which lead to a drop in moisture compared to warm air. During this season, homes tend to utilize forced air heating hence, causing more problems. This problem is as a result of combustion used by the furnace to create hot air. And this burns out the little available water vapor in the air leaving it dry.

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As you should know, the harshness of dry air can lead to unwanted discomfort for you and your family. Discomforts like skin dryness, itching eyes, and increased respiratory issues. Hence, to prevent this a humidifiers has to come in handy. For maximum humidification of your home, you will certainly need the best humidifier setting for winter to maintain appropriate humidity level. This will be best for a healthier and more comfortable home.


How Humidity Works In Winter

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air, and it is measured using relative humidity. The relative humidity is the amount of water air it can hold at a given temperature and pressure. During winter the air becomes cold. And cold air cannot hold moisture hence, making the air in your room become dry. This dry air can be felt in your nostril and skin as they become dry compared to warm air. As the outdoor temperature decreases, the indoor air humidity level decreases rapidly. Hence one needs to know the outdoor temperature in other to regulate the humidity level indoors.

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How to Determine the Humidity Level Indoors

We all know that when the weather is cold, the humidity level is low or when we start to observe split and cracks in woods, floor, chairs, and millwork. But this is just an idea as it is not that easy to determine an accurate humidity level in our home without the right equipment. Hence, if you are concerned about the humidity level in your indoor space, using a hygrometer will help you know the exact level. You can get a hygrometer that can measure both humidity and temperature accurately.


Setting the Indoor Humidity

It is advisable to know the best humidifier for winter as this will help increase the moisture level in the air, thereby preventing health problems.

When your humidifier is attached to the HVAC system or furnace, the best humidifier setting for winter is based on relative humidity, and how the temperature drops significantly. You will be required to frequently re-adjust your humidifier, to suit the lower temperatures.

The acceptable indoor humidity level is 40-50% and this can be checked accurately by using a hygrometer.  This instrument will help you determine if the relative humidity of your humidifier settings requires you to increase or reduce it. And you can also gauge your indoor humidity level by determining the outdoor temperature. Hence knowing the weather forecast of each day will also give you an insight of your indoor humidity level.

Here is some important information for humidity level settings; when the outdoor temperature falls at ten – zero percent, it is good to set the relative humidity level of your humidifier at 25 percent.

Of course, monitoring the outdoor temperature could be difficult. That’s why, It is preferable to set your humidifier at thirty or fifty percent, then lower it once you start noticing window condensation.

When buying a humidifier get one that you can manually regulate to allow adjustment when needed or one that is capable of regulating itself.

Generally, Humidifiers requires regular maintenance which includes; changing of filters and cleaning. Also get a humidifier that can cover the entire area of your home. There are three standard types from which you can choose. Read on as we unveil them to you.




Best Humidifier Setting For Winter of Three types of humidifier

Room or Portable Humidifier

The humidifier is of two types, and both uses a reservoir to hold water.  They are the warm mist and the cold mist.  It is always safer to use cool-mist humidifiers in your homes when you have children. This is because Warm mist humidifier uses a high heating technique that can be harmful to children if they eventually get too close.  Regardless of this, they are both equally effective. The downside about this is the constant cleaning required to maintain it. And one has to refill the water when necessary. The good thing is its ability to help relieve nasal congestion and cold while keeping the place humid.


Whole House Humidifiers

This is the best and usable humidity system; you can buy a household humidifier to your heating system to enable an even circulation of heated air. Therefore, this will help to equally distribute the hot vapor throughout the house using your regular duct system. The household system is quite expensive, and requires cold water connection and needs space for humidifier installation.  The household humidifier allows you to control humidity level with the aid of a device called the humidistat, this device helps you maintain a proper humidity level, and it’s the best and most efficient remedy.


Natural Evaporation

To achieve this, place bowl of water next to or on top of an air heating system. But you should know that the use of this technique requires frequent refilling. Also, this depends on the size of vessel used. Another way to get this done is by placing your towels in water and leaving it out to dry. In that way, this will also help to introduce moisture in the air.a image of humidity-level-in-winter

Hopefully, with this great insight, you should have known which setting will work best for you during winter. In addition, always remember the current humidity in your indoor space before setting the humidifier to any humidity level.



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