Top 5 Best Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews in 2018

Best Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser
(Last Updated On: July 23, 2018)

Ever felt the air surrounding you get too stale for your senses or too dry for you to breathe in? The thoughts of itchy eyes, blocked airways and a dry cough running through your head would be quite disturbing. Wouldn’t it? Well, purchasing an essential oils diffuser serve as a wise investment in these sorts of situations.

Considered to be the best diffusers, nebulizing diffusers do not need heat or water to get the essential oils airborne. They use atomizers to produce little particles of essential oils and spray them into the air.


It works on different levels. First, the anti-microbial properties of the essential oils fight against the microbes that can make you feel sick. Next, the diffusers act as humidifiers which help to moisten your airways, reducing your risk of coming down with a cold.

A perfect essential oil diffuser should use pure oils, requires no water or heat and should be made with only natural materials. With this at the back of our minds, we give you our reviews of the best waterless essential oils diffusers of 2018.


Comparison Table – 5 Best Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser

•LED mood lightCheck it Out
•Adjustable aroma intensity
•Timer function
•No artificial material
Check it Out
•Ambient LED lightCheck it Out
•Buolt lithium battery
•1 year warranty
Check it Out
•Powerful rechargeable
•Six month warranty
•Auto shut-off function
Check it Out


#1.Opulence – Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

The latest and exceptional addition to the Organic Aromas® suite of nebulizing diffusers®, the Opulence comes with a handcrafted black base. It also has an amazing white LED lighting, making it blend with your home or workplace decor. It measures 5.6″× 9″ approximately in size.


The Opulence stands out because it easily releases aroma across large spaces of up to 800 ft within short periods. The presence of natural materials and the absence of water, heat and plastic also make it an effective choice for therapeutic purposes.

Although a great product, this diffuser has certain drawbacks. It is quite expensive and burns out quickly through essential oil.

However, the Opulence is fast with emitting scent across large spaces within a short period. Furthermore, natural materials are used to produce them, making them, eco-friendly.



  • Fills up large spaces with the aroma of essential oils quickly
  • Exquisite design
  • Made with clay



  • Slightly expensive
  • It burns through oil quickly



#2.Aromis Wood And Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser

A glass bottle of 7″ and a wooden base of 3.5 “make up this diffuser. The intensity of the scent it emits can easily be adjusted.


There are some features that make this unit special. It consumes less oil, thus saving you a bit of. The Aromis diffuser also comes in different models which all look elegant. In addition, the diffuser shuts down automatically when it gets empty.

Although a remarkable product, the expensive nature of this diffuser makes it hardly ideal for a low budget.

To sum it up, its super quiet functions, long longer, ability to cover large space quickly is a plus for the Aromis diffuser.



  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Made of glass
  • Ability to cover large rooms like spas and yoga studios within a short time



  • The expensive nature of the diffuser discourages budget spenders


#3. Sofia Waterless Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

This nebulizer essential oil diffuser has dimensions of 6.3″ × 3.9″. Made up of oak wood and glass, it has a run time of 2 hours. The product also includes 2 glass reservoirs and a plug.


It has an auto stop function making it an ideal unit to have in the home. It also covers large areas and has two light modes (meditative and ambient).

A major issue with this product is the absence of a marker on the knob, making it difficult for users to know if the unit works.

In all, this diffuser has an adaptive mist and two distinct light modes, making it a great product for you.



  • An adaptive mist feature
  • Runs for long periods



  • Not whisper-silent



#4. ASAKUKI USB Portable Essential Oil Nebulizer for Cars

Designed by ASAKUKI, this portable diffuser can run for 2 hours. It has a rechargeable lithium battery which lasts for hours. Its relatively small makes it easy to place anywhere.

Surprisingly, this diffuser supports wireless charging making it a great product that can be used anywhere. It is also easy to carry and has a run time that is quite long; these features make this product stand out.

The problems with this product include long charging periods and shorter battery life. Likewise, it does not have an auto stop function, as a result prevents its use during sleep.

The portable feature of this diffuser makes it ideal for vehicles and camping trips. Also, its rechargeable option gives it an edge, allowing its use during power cuts or in remote areas.



  • Portable
  • Supports wireless charging
  • 100% BPA free plastic



  • 100% BPA free plastic
  • Absence of an auto stop function



#5  AromaRoom Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser with Rechargeable Battery

Another rechargeable diffuser on this list, AromaRoom has a run time of up to 50 hours on a full charge. It covers up to 500 sq ft based on the working mode and the type of essential oil used. The product also has a tank capacity of 50 ml.

Although a portable diffuser, its long battery life makes it as a perfect choice during power cuts or camping trips. Also, it is easy to carry around and made of plastic which cannot break when it falls on hard surfaces.

Aroma room has the disadvantage of being made from plastic which is not an ideal material for a diffuser. This is because some essential oil can cause a huge defect when used with the diffuser.

There are limitations to the kind of oils used with this diffuser but the long battery life makes up for this drawback.




Things to Consider When Buying A Good Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser

Here are major features to be considered whenever you want to buy one.

Auto shut-off

This feature conserves power making it one the great factors you need to put in mind. It also increases the lifespan of your product.


Most essential oil diffusers have 4 hours’ worth of runtime before they need refilling. The best models usually run for up to 10 hours.



An ideal essential oil diffuser should give you control over the amount of mist dispersed using, the timer. This helps you to conserve your oil, thereby saving money in the process.

Noise Levels

Diffusers are valued for creating ambient and meditative environments. Loud diffusers can disturb your sleep or study. Choosing nebulizers with low levels of sound will benefit you more.



Large spaces such as spas and yoga studios require diffusers that disperse scents efficiently over large areas. Similarly, smaller spaces like bedrooms need one that can cover small spaces.




Final Words

Having an essential oil diffuser protects your home from bad smells and harmful microbes. This  help to lower your risk of facing symptoms related to the flu and other airborne diseases. They also help you relax, calming your scenes and creating a therapeutic environment in your home or office.

However, our best essential oil diffuser pick goes to the Opulence Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy. This is because it has a pretty design making it match your home or office decor. It also works great in releasing heavy aroma smoothly across large spaces within a very short period. Quiet and easy to use, it is ultimately the ideal option to choose.




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