Can Humidifier Be Used With An Air Conditioner?

Can Humidifier Be Used With An Air Conditioner
(Last Updated On: November 11, 2018)

It’s never easy spending time in a room that deprives you of your comfort. But with air conditioners and humidifiers, you can enjoy your stay. Some people own either humidifiers or air conditioners while others have both units in their homes. But can humidifier be used with an air conditioner at the same time to make your home comfortable?  Well, we are about to find out.

Humidifier helps to add moisture to the air while air conditioners make the heat go away. The way an A.c removes heat in the air works more like your freezer. When dry air comes in contact with humidity, it becomes cool.  Before you choose the method that will help to handle stuffy rooms, always consider their humidity levels.

Now before we provide the answer requested in this article, let’s give you great insight both devices.




Dry air gives you rough and flaky skin, cracked lips, bleeding nose amongst other issues. In worst cases, it can damage your wooden items suffer.

However, humidifiers help prevent this harmful effect of dry air. It does this by letting off a fine mist from its storage tank into the air. The mist then reduces the dryness.


Air Conditioners

Although humidifiers dampen the air, air conditioners reduce the moisture levels in the air and also cool your home.  Damp air creates an ideal chance for mold, mildew and other harmful microbes to thrive. These microbes can cause various health issues including asthma and allergies.

They bring cool air by drawing out the heat. During this time, a substance cools the system by changing gas to liquid. When the element reaches the cool part of the system, the refrigerator coils becomes cool.

A fan then creates cold air by pushing the indoor air through the coils. The coils keep on drawing heat and repeat the above process.



The Problem of Running Both Units at the Same Time

When you have both items, you might feel like running them at the same time. However, this creates a tricky situation.

As you should know, air conditioners make our homes comfortable by removing damp air while humidifiers bring moisture back into the air. Using both units could result in a waste of energy because the warm air removed will be replaced again. But if the air becomes too dry for your comfort, the humidifier stands as the only solution.


Benefit of Using Both Units

Large humidifiers provide a great amount of moisture than smaller units. Hence, using this kind of humidifier with your air conditioning unit can also help reduces your chances of dry air



Combination Units: A Suitable Alternative

Some air conditioners can absorb humid air and also create moisture air. When you have issues controlling indoor temperature and air quality, combination units serve as a suitable choice. In summary, with combo units, you do not have to manage numerous products before you become comfortable in your home.


Final Word

Homeowners have various ways to make their living spaces comfortable.  Some have humidifiers while others have air conditioning units. However, some people have both items.

Humidifiers bring moisture into your home while air conditioning units reduce the dampness in the air. However, using both units can make you waste energy as they both work against each other.

However, to ease the problem of high temperatures and low humidity, you should consider using an air-conditioning unit fitted with a humidifier. For better result, get a combo unit.





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