Can You Put Essential Oils in a Humidifier ?

Can You Put Essential Oils in a Humidifier
(Last Updated On: July 11, 2018)

If you are wondering whether you can put your essential oils in a humidifier? Not to worry Hop in as we provide you with great insight on humidifiers and essential oils. In this piece, we will be answering the question of “can you put essential oils in a humidifier ?”.

The use of essential oils comes with so many amazing treats. It can provide you with a lovely scent and healing benefits.

From the lovely scent of peppermint oil that leaves your senses heightened, to the calm and soothing freshness of lavender. You can use it not only for its fragrance, but also for its healing abilities to treat issues like cold, fatigue, trauma, and other common illnesses.


Obviously, you can use it in so many ways. And Apart from dropping it on your pulse points or using it to bath, you can choose to diffuse your essential oil into your room to spread the magic around.

The big question now is can you use your humidifier to diffuse your essential oils into the air? If you already have a humidifier, is it the right device for the job? Or do you need to get another device that would allow you to enjoy all the benefits of using an essential?

First, for you to get the answer to these questions, you need to have an insight about a humidifier.


What Is A Humidifier?

Most times, it gets confusing when it comes to humidifiers and diffusers because these devices have almost the same function. The humidifier has a water tank, just like the diffuser. They also have a vent that can let air vapor out and both devices require a power source to function. One thing you ought to know is that these devices have a different mode in which they operate.

However, humidifier helps to get rid of dry air as it releases moisture into the air. That way it helps in issues like irritated nasal passages, cold, dry throat or skin. Also, the moisture released into the air makes it easier to breathe, sleep and stay hydrated. Using distilled water in your humidifier will help prevent mineral deposit from building up in it.


What is a diffuser?

Just like the humidifier, the diffuser also releases mist into the air. But, the difference between the two devices lies in their mode of operation. While a humidifier is used to release air vapor into an enclosed space, the diffuser disperses cold air. The diffuser works great in breaking down water and essential oil and dispersed it into the air as a fine mist. This way, it helps to get rid of bad odors, provide you with sweet fragrance and other health benefits.


How Does The Humidifier Function?

Humidifiers release vapor into the air either by using high-frequency vibration techniques, heat mechanism or evaporative measures. It breaks up water into tiniest particles, and thus the vapor is released into space. The process by which it operates makes it difficult to use essential oil in it; because some humidifier uses a high degree of heat. In this regard, it may affect some essential properties of the oils, rendering it useless instead.


Also, some essential oil can cause an adverse effect to humidifiers. Because most humidifier plastic component can react with this oils, thereby creating a severe defect in the long run.

However, there is an exception to that because some humidifier can also work great with essential oils. You can use these types of humidifiers just like the diffuser because they can handle essential oils.


Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

Before going further, let’s look at the great benefits of spreading essential oils using a diffuser or a humidifier:

  • Diffused oils help clear the air, removing bacteria and dust.
  • It helps with the nasal cavity by opening up the airways.
  • It affects your mood positively.

The body quickly absorbs the vapors, making it easier for the oils to get into your body and help with issues like skin dryness.

Essential oils are very volatile. Thus aromatic exposure is one of the best ways to use the oils because it allows you to inhale the fragrance from the oils easily and absorbed it into your system faster. Diffusing also helps the oil gets into your bloodstream quicker. That way, it will function better.




How Do You Get The Best Out Of Diffusing Your Essential Oils?

To get the complete benefits of your essential oil, you will need a device that comes with essential features like an intermittent timer setting, misty control, and auto-shut off function.

Although diffusing your oil non-stop may be fun, but you also need to let the oil get into the air at different intervals.

That way you would give your body enough time to absorb the oil. You can have your timer set at 20 minutes interval or even let the device run for about 25 seconds out of every minute.


Can You Put Essential Oils in a Humidifier?

Well, the answer is yes, you can to use essential oil in a humidifier but only when the device is designed for it. Using essential oils in a regular humidifier is not advisable due to the following reasons:

Humidifiers Operate Non-Stop

You need some time for the oil to get into your body, thus the luxury of a timer. However, most humidifiers do not have this feature, making it difficult for you.

Some Humidifiers Are Not Designed For Essential Oils

Most humidifiers are made of plastic, which makes them not suitable for essential oil. Essential oils like the citrus oil can cause damage to plastics; in this regard, it can render the humidifier useless after some time.

Humidifiers Do Not Nebulize the Essential Oils

Most humidifiers can disperse water vapor, not oils. Because they cannot break down essential oils effectively and convert them into particles quickly for you to absorb into your body.

Most Humidifiers Make Use of Heat for Their Operations

As stated before in this article, heat has adverse effects on the therapeutic properties of essential oils. Thus, using them in a humidifier that uses a high degree of heat can render the oils useless.


How Can I Use Essential Oils in My Humidifier?

If your humidifier does not have the essential features then it’s best you keep your oils far away from it. You stand a chance of ruining your humidifier when you use the oils in them.  The machine either stops working or starts leaking after some time if you do.

However, if you plan on to using essential oils in your humidifier, make sure you check the specs of the device to know if it is compatible with essential oils. Most manufacturers state their device’s efficiency on the specs to guide the users.

Most people do use essential oils in their old humidifier that they could afford to lose when it gets ruined. If you can afford such risks, you should go ahead with using essential oils in your humidifier. If you have a humidifier that is very expensive and from a quality brand, you should do your best to keep essential oils away from if it is not compatible.


DIY Ways to Use Essential Oils in Your Humidifier

If you still insist on using your humidifier to diffuse your essential oils, you can work things out without damaging your device.

You need to understand the working principles of a diffuser and how it breaks down the essential oil before you choose to use it in your humidifier.

A diffuser breaks down the particles of essential oil into an excellent vapor that is released into space where it functions. The vapor remains suspended in air, making it easier you inhale it. Diffusers make use of cold air in other not to tamper with the therapeutic properties of the oil. So if your humidifier makes use of heat, the chances of using your essential oil in it are minimal. The heat does not tamper with the scent; however, it ruins the healing powers.

There are three kinds of devices used in diffusing essential oils

  • The evaporative device
  • The Ultrasonic device
  • The cold air


What You Need to Know About Using Essential Oil in a Humidifier

Unlike the diffusers, the humidifiers do not need to break down the essential oils since its features lack the ability to do so. Using essential oil directly inside the tank of your humidifier may lead to clogging of the sensitive parts of the devices especially the ultrasonic nebulizers. It can break down the heating system of the humidifier, and even most of the oils will not get out of the vent. This is why it is advised not to add essential oil directly to humidifiers if you must use it to diffuse the oil.

Some humidifiers allow the use of essential oil by providing a compartment for fragrance diffuser or a special mister. The additional chamber prevents the oil from getting into the main water tank and also misting the oil directly into the air. If you find such device, you should ensure to adhere to the manufacturer’s instruction about how to use the device and how to clean it.

If your humidifier does not have any compartment for essential oils.

You can use this tweak to diffuse your essential oils. Get a cotton ball and moisten the cotton with your favorite essential oil. Place the cotton wad over the vent of your humidifier. As your device lets out water vapor into the air, the oil from the cotton wad releases its aroma. Also, some of the particles diffuse into the atmosphere, allowing you to breathe them into your body. This method works great for a cold air humidifier as it can hold the essential oil without damaging its healing power. Ensure to clean your device always to remove the oil smug from the cotton wool.


Why You Should Diffuse Your Essential Oil

Essential oils have so many amazing benefits. As mentioned at the beginning of this article.  The use of essential oils can help keep your environment fresh and healthy. Diffusing them into your living space makes it easier for your body to absorb the particles faster.

Thus, you would enjoy more of the benefits by diffusing them. However, you should make sure you know the health benefits of the essential oil you plan to diffuse. Although most essential oils are good for your health, there are some that are not safe for human consumption. Examples of essential oils that are good for the human system are:

Lavender Oil

Most Lavender oil has soothing properties. Using Lavender oil in your home can make you feel relaxed after a stressful day. The oil can also help to relieve pain, improve the flow of blood and address breathing problems. However, some people are allergic to this oil as it can cause them headaches. It is advised that you don’t use it if you have high blood sugar, pregnant, and breastfeeding.

Oregano Oil

The Oregano oil is another essential oil with strong antibiotic properties. The oil has some nice healing powers as it can get rid of bacteria and germs from your indoor air. However, you should not use this oil close to people with high blood pressure and other heart conditions.

Hence, before you use an essential oil on a humidifier, ensure to get advice from a healthcare professional to figure out if that particular oil is safe for use. Also, check if any member of your family is allergic to the oil you intend to use. This way you will enjoy the full benefits without hurting anyone.


Summing It Up

If you want that will work great in diffusing your essential oils, ensure you purchase a diffuser. Because they work great in breaking down the oils without destroying its therapeutic powers. However, if you don’t have any choice, you can use your humidifier, but make sure you follow the tricks above. This way you don’t damage your device.

Using your essential oil with the right humidifier or diffuser is one of the great ways of reaping the full benefits. Try it today to enjoy the exciting feeling of relief.



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