Edens Garden Essential Oils Reviews in 2018

Edens Garden Essential Oils Reviews
(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

The essential oil industry has many successful names, one of which is Edens Garden®. Although the industry has a long list of companies, only a few have what it takes to retain their consumer base. However, the company is credited for having an exciting variety of essential oils, carrier oils, gift sets and accessories, Edens Garden’ rise comes as no surprise.


A Brief History

The journey of Edens Gardens began in the early 2000’s when Grace, its CEO, visited New Zealand. Its beautiful countryside made her feel relaxed and gave her a chance to discover the calming effects of essential oils.

In 2009, Grace decided to find a way to share its benefits even though natural products had no popularity at that time. After a period of research to create the purest form of essential oils, Edens Garden then became a significant player in the world of natural products. Furthermore, due to major roles in rendering customer service perfectly, this has led the company towards a positive outcome. With this, the company has also gained stronger ground coupled with good customer feedback.




Foundation of Safety and Trust

Since its birth, Edens Gardens® has maintained a foundation of safety and trust among its consumers. Edens Gardens® provides top quality therapeutic oils. This means that these oils have no contact with adulterant. They also contain no chemicals making them virgin and equally of greater benefits.


The Benefits of Using Edens Gardens Essential Oils

Ⅰ. It Provide healthier looking skin.

Ⅱ. Making your skin look younger and vital.

Ⅲ. It Protect your skin from harmful substances.

Ⅳ. Ensuring the natural healing of the skin.

Ⅴ. Enhance skin complexion.

Ⅵ. Removing lines, wrinkles and acne breakouts.

Ⅶ. An aroma that calms your senses.


Quality Assurance

Edens Garden commitment to creating premium oils stands on 5 essential principles:

E-Effective: All Edens Garden oils prove useful when used in aromatherapy. This quality comes from its 100% pure therapeutic grade quality.

D- Dedicated: This brand devote their focus to its customers at the top by providing them with round the clock support.

E- Educated: Edens Garden blog and newsletter offers vital information about the benefits of essential oils. Furthermore, certified aromatherapists contribute to these publications and also provide you a chance to ask questions.

 N- Natural: This principle represents virgin oils free from additives and adulteration. However, if you still have doubts about this claim, you can request for test results from the company.

S- Safe: Oils produced by Edens Garden get GC/MS testing from a 3rd party lab. This act shows that the brand’s abides in handling its products with care.




An Exciting Collection of Edens Garden Essential Oils

Edens Garden has much to offer to customers concerning its essential oil collection and products. This esteemed brand puts up sales of various essential and carrier oils, gift

packs and accessories. These items come with discounts and bonuses when purchased.  We love the gift sets (there is an overview below) because they present elegant value. They also look so chic when they come in a gift set box!


Carrier Oils

In addition to essential oils, Edens Gardens also sells an extensive array of carrier oils. This oil (carrier oils) serves as an ideal medium to dilute single oils, making them ideal for skincare purposes. If you have the aim of using premium carrier oils to dilute your essential oil, then you can select from 13 options of Edens Garden carrier oils. They include sweet almond, avocado, macadamia, hemp seed, Camellia seed amongst others. The carrier oils cost between $3 and $10, depending on the type of carrier oil you need.


Essential Oils

Edens Garden® presents an incredible range of over 150 essential oils and still has new varieties coming up. This variety makes their offerings one of the largest in the essential oil industry.

The oils come in bottles of 5ml to 30ml with various scents to choose from. You can either purchase single scent oils or the crafted blends.  The scents offered include eucalyptus, carrot, coriander, apricot, kanuka, and lavender. The prices of these items range from $3 up to $30 depending on nature and quantity.


100% Essential Oils for Kids

Eighteen synergy blends of 100 % pure essential oils make up Edens Garden “OK for kids” line. Sylla Sheppard-Hanger and Dr. Robert Pappas (an aromatherapist and essential oil chemist respectively) came up with this range of products. Safety and aromatherapeutic benefits form the basis of this collection.

These great blends have interesting labels and names such as “Ouch Erase” and “Focus Focus Focus Focus.” These names make using essential oils fun and easy for your kids. Each blend meets the basic needs of adults and kids. They also come with aromas that the little ones will find lovely.


Aromatherapy Diffusers

While at Edens Garden, maybe you think you can only get gift sets, synergies, essential oils, and gift sets? Wrong! Apart from the earlier mentioned items, this brand also stocks up on new accessories.

Here you can also find the perfect gift for a lover of essential oils, even though they have a great set of it but want more. For instance, the all-natural reed diffuser serves as an ideal gift or accessory and easy to carry around too.


Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

Your bedtimes become peaceful with a Reed Diffuser on your bedside table. The device also makes you focused on office tasks when placed on your desk.

To use the reed diffuser, remove the cap off the 10 ml bottle of Edens Garden oil and pop the plastic euro dropper. Twist the wooden sleeve into the container and place the small reed sticks into it. To prevent spillage, place the wooden tray underneath the bottle. You can now set the items to where want it to be.

To absorb and release a scent, the portable Reed Diffuser takes between 1-2 hours. To get a fresh smell, rotate the sticks between 1-2 days.Edens-Garden-Essential-Oils-Reviews-9



I have had fun looking into Edens Garden essential oils. I have find out that this brand has a store that offers an impressive collection of essential oils. With enough options to choose from and a variety of gift sets you can buy, the Eden Gardens store comes as a flexible choice. The words virgin, clean and fresh describe the oils Eden Gardens have for sale. Good news comes from the fact that these oils can fit into your budget, large or small.




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