How Many Drops of Essential Oil in Diffuser?

How Many Drops Essential Oil in Diffuser
(Last Updated On: December 3, 2018)

Essential oils have various benefits it can offer to your health. However, too much of this oil could disturb your comfort due to the strong smell it will leave out in the air. Hence, you need to know how many drops of essential oil in diffuser to use.

No one wants to overwhelm people with the fragrance at home and. After all, this smell can make people feel uncomfortable. For this reason, you should use oils lightly.

A diffuser can contain about 100 ml of water to which you should add between 3-5 dr ops of your favorite oil. You should also know that the amount of oil to pour into water depends on the size of your living space. For example, big rooms or areas need more oil than smaller places.

Diffuser comes in various sizes with 100 ml increments; This allows you to know the number of drops of oil to use.  On an average, 500ml diffusers work well with 15-20 drops of oils while the smaller sizes such as the 100 ml diffuser can contain 3-5 drops.

But this is not all there is to the amount of oil to use in a diffuser; Let us tell you more about how many drops of essential oil in diffusers you should aim for. But first, how do you know if the oils have passed the limit.



Effects of Using Excess Essential Oil with Your Diffuser

As mentioned earlier, pure oils have strong smells which make you feel uncomfortable. Vomiting, pounding headaches, nausea, and dizziness come with using a large amount of oil in your diffuser.

Whenever you make use of a diffuser, ensure you apply oils with the “less is more” rule. Using this rule as a guide, begin with a few drops and add more to your liking and the size of the space. Now let us show more ways to use your diffuser.



Setting Up Your Diffuser

To allow your unit to release enough fragrance into your room, ensure you place the diffuser on a high shelf. Although many brands of diffusers exist in the market, they do not require much effort to set up.

1. Take off the cap of your unit.

2. Add warm water to the tank until it reaches the fill line.

3. Pour in the required drops of essential oil.

4. Add the recommended number of drops of your preferred essential oil.

5. Screw the top back on firmly.

6. Place the cap back and make sure it is secure.

7. Keep the unit in a spot where it can cover the room quickly as mentioned earlier.



How Many Drops of Essential Oil in Diffusers?

A 10ml bottle of essential oil contains about 200 drops. This means you can use it for at least 40 times with a 100ml diffuser. You also use the 15, 30 and 120 ml bottles for 300, 600 and 2400 drops respectively with the same diffuser.

Apart from the size of the room and the personal taste, the purpose for using the oil also determines the number of drops you should use with your diffuser.  These purposes include:

To Relief Aches and Pains

Oil from peppermint plays a great healthy role to cure your headache. To prepare this blend, add three drops of peppermint oil, with two drops of Lavender, Thyme, Marjoram, and Rosemary.

Ease Tension

A blend of a drop of yiang yiang, four drops of cedarwood, two drops of orange and lavender in your diffuser can make you feel relaxed after a stressful day.

Another blend to ease tension consists of 4 drops of peppermint, spearmint, citronella and a  single drop of lemongrass oil.

To sleep better

Having trouble sleeping?  Rubbing a blend of 3 drops of lavender with four drops of cedarwood on the skin will grant you quality sleep.



Final Word

Essential oils have strong smells. When you use a large amount it can cause problems ranging from headaches to nausea. For this reason, you should know how many drops of essential oils in diffusers that will serve you with causing any problem to your health.




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