How to Clean a Boneco Humidifier ?

How to Clean a Boneco Humidifier
(Last Updated On: December 5, 2018)

Are you one of the million that prefer the Boneco cool mist humidifiers to help keep an optimal humidity level in your room? Obviously,  for it to work great continuously; the device will need proper cleaning regularly. Not only will it run efficiently, but maintaining your Boneco is also a key to healthy humidification.

Furthermore, Boneco humidifiers works great when used in a fairly large room to moisturize the dry air. This humidifier brand has great features for optimal efficiency. For those suffering from respiratory problems like asthma, this is one great humidifier brand that can help restore breathing difficulties in your home.

Like other humidifiers, you need to clean it regularly to retain optimal efficiency. Read on, as we bring you great tips on how to clean a Boneco Humidifier to keep it in good shape.

However, since there’re many brands of Boneco humidifier in the market, we will be focusing on one of the best you can use and how to clean and maintain it. Our best brand goes to the Boneco U7145 Ultrasonic Humidifier.




What You Need To Know About the U7145 Boneco Ultrasonic Humidifier

The humidifier comes with great unique features that make it stand out from others available in the market. Its powerful and visible mist output of 400g/h can cover a fairly large room efficiently.  The device has a variable output control that allows you to regulate the amount of mist it disperses.

Furthermore, with its hydrostatic control, you can set it to a desired humidity level at which it will turn off. It will also turn on automatically once the humidity drops below your desired level.  The unit has Ionic silver stick and cartridge integrated into it to help maintain and keep the water clean.

Additionally, one exciting part is that it has an automatic shut-off. This feature turns off the device when the water becomes too low. The device will not also disturb your sleep or study because it operates quietly.

Now you have gotten great insight about this efficient humidifier from Beneco, let us tell you how to clean the device to maintain its efficiency.



Easy Steps to Clean a Boneco Humidifier U7145

Luckily, cleaning the humidifier is very easy. We will provide you a simple step on how to get this done. You can also apply these steps to other boneco humidifier, but don’t forget that the procedure may slightly differ due to the components present in them.

1. First, turn off the device and unplug it from the power source. Detach the water tank from its base and remove the Ionic silver stick.

2. To clean the unit, we recommend you use Calc off washing agent (A compose used to wash humidifier). Mix the calc off with warm and clean water to form a solution. For each pack of Calc off, dilute it in one liter of water.

3. Remove the demineralization the lid and cartridge from the water tank right away. Then pour the mixture of the calc off into the tank and shake thoroughly. That way it reaches every corner inside the tank.

4. Fill the base with Calc off mixture and ensure it reaches every corner. Leave it for one hour to allow the mixture to take effect.

5. After one hour, use a bristle brush to clean every corner of the base to remove buildup moisture and dirt.

6. Once you have done that, pour out the Calc off from the base and tank and rinse them thoroughly with enough clean water. Shake the base and water tank gently to remove moisture and leave them for 10 minutes.

7. After that, use a clean microfiber cloth and wipe the base and water tank surface and leave them for a few minutes.

As soon as they dry, assemble all the part to its proper position. Now, you can refill the tank and plug it back to a power source to enjoy its soothing mist.



How to Replace the Boneco Humidifier U7145

Depending on the hardness of the water, you need to replace the demineralization cartridge every two to three month. You can either replace it completely or refill the granule in the existing cartridge.

To replace the cartridge, first, scroll it out from the water tank and open the lid to remove the mineral buildup.

Get the refill package which includes three granule packs, Styrofoam plug, and a fill cup.  Tear one of the granule pack and pour it into the cup.  Use the Styrofoam to cover the opening of the cartridge. Now invert the cup over to the cartridge to allow the Granule pour into it.  Remove the Styrofoam and screw the lid back on and soak for 24 hours.

After that, put it back to the water for use.





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