How to Clean Pure Enrichment Humidifier to Maintain Its Efficiency ?

How to Clean Pure Enrichment Humidifier
(Last Updated On: September 3, 2018)

Obviously, getting a Pure Enrichment humidifier brand doesn’t just end there. It also requires some basic maintenance for it to perform at its best in the long run. However, one simple and quick process to do this is by cleaning it regularly.

But in order not to do this wrong way, there’re great steps on how to clean pure enrichment humidifier brand.

But before that, let’s look into why you need a humidifier in your home.

During winter, the air gets pretty cold and dry and too much dry air can be pretty harmful to your health.

Moisturizing the air will help reduce this dryness and protect you from its adverse effect.

However, the most effective way to add moisture to your indoor air is by using a humidifier. This device works great as it disperses mist into the air to increase the humidity level of your room. That way, it keeps you safe from the adverse effect of dry air.

To get the best result with a humidifier, you need the best brand and proper maintenance. And one of the most popular and highly efficient humidifiers is the Pure enrichment humidifier.



What You Need To Know About Pure Enrichment Humidifier

Pure enrichment humidifier comes with great features for maximum efficiency. They work great to add moisture to a small and medium sized room.

Since excess moisture also has its side effect on one’s health, the pure enrichment humidifiers have an adjustable misty control to help regulate the amount of mist dispersed into the air.

It standout out as one of the best units in the market because of its long running time of up to16 hours and quiet operation.  This means, with this humidifier, you will have a peaceful bedtime and breathe easily.

Another big plus is that most of the units come with an adjustable nozzle. This feature allows you to turn it to your desired direction.

Most people cherish this humidifier brand as it is very affordable. A lot of people go as far as getting multiple units depending on the room sizes and the number of rooms in their home.

Like other units, without proper cleaning and maintenance of the humidifier, it will operate less efficiently in the long run.



The Importance of Cleaning Your Humidifier

There ’re essential reasons why you need to clean your humidifier regularly. First, cleaning the unit will make it run properly. Regular maintenance also makes it last longer. That way, you won’t regret your purchase.

Another most important reason is the fact that, if you don’t clean it regularly, this provides a chance for harmful bacteria and mold to thrive.  The reason is that when the humidifier is not in use the water in it sit there and stagnate attracting harmful organisms. And if you don’t properly clean it before you turn it on, this bad water disperses into your indoor air, and most time you breathe it in without knowing.

As you ought to know, continuous usage of this humidifier contaminates your indoor air. Of course, breathing this bad indoor air may lead to an adverse effect on your health. This may include high-grade fever, severe cough, asthma attacks, anxiety, and breathing difficulties.

Luckily, you can prevent this from happening by cleaning your humidifier regularly before or after each use.



How Often You Need To Clean Your Humidifier

There’re basically three different ways to keep your humidifier in good shape. You should carry out each one on a regular basis as they all essential to keep your humidifier running at its best.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of the unit on a daily basis: This has to do with removing the water inside and refilling it with fresh ones. First, take out the tank and drain out all the water into a sink after each use. After that, replace it with distilled water for the next usage.

Maintenance and cleaning on a weekly basis: You will have to carry this out at least once a week. This has to do with the application of disinfectant to all part of the unit.

Seasonal maintenance and cleaning of your unit: Before storing the unit for the next usage season, always clean and dry up all of its parts and tank completely.



The Basic Things You Need For Proper Maintenance and Cleaning

Keeping the unit clean helps it perform at its best and prevent the buildup of mold and other harmful contaminants. There are some basic household essentials you will need when cleaning the unit to get the best result.  Here’re the few major things needed:


❶. Household bleach or 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

❷. Clean towels

❸. An adequate amount of water

❹. White vinegar

❺. Clean gloves

❻. Brush with soft bristles

❼. Clean Large saucepan

Most of the humidifier comes with a base and water tank while some contain additional pieces. Well, not to worry, because each type of unit can be cleaned in the same way.

But it is advised to follow the manufacturer instruction and warning when cleaning the unit.  Read the owner manual carefully as well as other documentation before cleaning the unit or taking it apart.

Additionally, before making use of bleach or other harsh chemicals to clean the unit, don’t forget to wear gloves.



Easy Steps and Procedure for Proper Cleaning Of Your Humidifier

Below are the five easy steps to clean a humidifier:

Ⅰ. Turn it off and unplug the unit from the wall. Start disassembling its part for cleaning bit by bit. First, take out its water tank and empty the water into a sink. Remove the other washable parts from the base and completely place it apart.

Depending on your particular models, if yours has a filter, remove it as well. Clean the filter by using cool running water and leave it to dry.

Ⅱ. Pour the white vinegar into the base and make sure it reaches every corner that water regularly comes in contact with. Get the large saucepan, pour in white vinegar and place all the other small washable part into it to soak. Leave everything for at least 30 minutes. This way, it breaks down the buildup.

Ⅲ. After 30 minutes of white vinegar cleaning, use a soft-bristle brush to remove any stuck up buildup.

Ⅳ. For disinfecting purpose, mix one teaspoon of household bleach to every gallon of water and Fill the tank halfway. Always make sure the inside is coated with the solution. After that, leave it once again for 30 minutes.

Ⅴ. Rinse the tank, base, and all other components thoroughly with tap water. Shake the parts gently to remove moisture. Now wipe all the parts with a clean towel and lay it on a clean surface for few minutes to dry.


As soon as the all the parts have dried completely, you’re ready to fix it back to its proper position.

To enjoy the effect of your humidifier once again, fill it with distilled water and plug it in.

Hopefully, with these simple steps, you can now keep your humidifier clean, safe and hygienic for home use.






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