How to Use Essential Oil Necklaces ?

How to Use Essential Oil Necklaces
(Last Updated On: December 9, 2018)

Looking for a natural product that can give a healthy body and mind?

Well, look no further than essential oils. These beautiful products can lift your mood and make you feel refreshed amongst other things. However, what if there was a way to enjoy its many benefits anywhere and anytime? With an essential oil necklace, you can see this wish come true.

Essential oil necklaces offer one of the natural ways to carry your favorite scent at home, work or even during a road trip. Having your favorite at hand makes you feel fresh and confident. Read on as this article shows you how to use essential oil necklace.



What Is an Essential Oil Necklace?

Essential oil necklaces offer a simple way to enjoy essential oils without using an electronic diffuser.  A fun item to wear on your neck, these necklaces comes in various designs from various materials. These materials include glass, clay, and metal.

The beads of the necklace can absorb essential oils which you can inhale as you wear it (the chain). With a few drops of oil, your jewelry can diffuse your favorite scent for long periods.

You can purchase these fabulous items from both nearby stores and online stores. But if you have a feel for art and crafts, you can get guides on how to make these products from DIY websites.



How Does an Essential Oil Necklace Work ?

The way a diffuser necklace works depends on the materials it’s made from. Below are some of the ways different beads work.

Glass: Glass necklaces hold oils which they let out slowly. The scent of the oils gets released during this period.

Metal: Beads of silver or pewter usually make up metal necklaces. Metal diffuser necklaces have special pads which absorb the oil then it releases the scent through pores.

Clay and Lava: Lava rock and clay bead diffuser necklaces come up as popular diffuser necklaces. These beads release the scent after absorbing any essential oil.


So let us show you how to use essential oil necklaces


Before you wear your jewelry, add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to your beads. Ensure they absorb the oil to prevent the oils having contact with your skin or clothing. This is because pure oils may irritate your skin or stain your clothes.

The necklace then releases the scent from the oil making you enjoy its benefits for long periods. You can add more oil as the fragrances smell less or create a new mix by adding different oil.



Benefits of Knowing How to Use Essential Oil Necklaces

Using diffuser necklaces has many bright sides. Here are some of the benefits.

Diffuser necklaces give you a way to take your favorite oils anywhere and everywhere. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of the oils on the go.

With essential oil necklaces, you can create a blend of unique scents. This makes you stand out of the crowd always.

Diffuser necklaces allow you diffuse extracts considered difficult for regular diffusers to spread out. These extracts have immense scents which can last for a day or two.

No one likes the idea of spritzing perfumes every hour. But with essential oils necklaces, you smell nice for more extended periods than using regular fragrances.

Most perfumes contain toxic substances which can harm your skin. But with the natural properties of essential oils, you can smell great without coming in contact with dangerous substances.

Tension and stress play a significant part in our daily lives. However, using calming scents with your necklace eases these problems and makes you feel calm and peaceful.



Final Word

Diffuser necklaces make you feel confident, lift your mood and makes you smell great without harming you. These fashion items come in various designs made with different materials. However, your choice of diffuser necklace depends on your wants and needs.




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