Rocky Mountain Essential Oils Review in 2018

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils Review
(Last Updated On: September 24, 2018)

Today, Rocky mountain oils (RMO) stand tall as one of the best essential oils on the market. They offer natural and expertly refined blends of essential oils and other health product. For easier purchase, this company owns an online shop where you and I can easily make a great choice. You can also shop for their oils on and other popular stores.



Who is Rocky Mountain ?

The Rocky Mountain Oils started in 2004, by a group of health personnel’s with its head office situated in Orem, Utah. The sole aim of RMO focused on providing pure essential oils for a safe and healthy living.


Rocky mountain essential oil Company ensures that their oil goes through a certified quality testing to meet the entire pure natural standard. For instances, before distributing the oils for sale, it passes through an independent 3rd party quality and purity testing lab. You can confirm the test result on each bottle or kits of the essential oils purchased.

Furthermore, they offer high quality on their pure essential oils, and expertly crafted blends product on a friendly budget. With this in place, their products have become one of the most trusted resources for consumers worldwide.  Also, with the churn-out newer products of essentials oils and supplements, customers as well users will find it easier to obtain more health benefits.

RM essential oils provide great health benefits from soothing relief, relax ambiance, to a reduction of other ailments. To get more from the RMO oils, get a diffuser to disperse the oil into the air. That way, you can easily inhale and absorb into the body.

Rocky mountain oils have a lot of exciting details you need to know. Read on as we reveal to you more information about the Rocky mountain oils.



Line-Up of Rocky Mountain Essential Oils Review

Presently, RMO has a large churn-out of essential oils to choose from! With over 77 single essential oils and 60 expertly crafted blends. This makes it easier for customers to have a great choice and get more health benefits from RMO oils. In other words, you can get one for relaxation, energy boost, skin care, aromatic feel, and for other healthy well-being.

Most RMO essential oils meet all the requirement of the fair trade certification. RMO also provide 100% pure essential oil with a GC/MS testing which is verified through an independent third party lab. Some of the oils are mostly crafted out from wild grown plants, which are known for excellent quality.   Hence, when shopping through online stores for Rocky mountain oils always check the product description for ‘’constituent oils’’.

RMO also has exciting single oils and essential oils blends starter kits. The single oils starter kits contain 4 lovely essential oils of lemon, peppermint, tea tree, and single lavender oils. While the oils blends kits contains healthy oils of fruit favorite, immune booster, purity and first aid.

Furthermore, they also added 6 approved organic essential oils to the list in 2017.  These oils include Organic peppermint, organic lavender, organic Lemon, organic orange, organic frankincense, organic Tea Tree.



Extra Quality Assurance

Rocky mountain oils abide by the S.A.A.FE Promise™ of quality. This trademark which means

  • “S” for Satisfaction guarantee: RMO provide a 100% pure essential oils for safe and healthy well-being. Not only that, but they also offer enhanced customer service to assist experts and beginners. With this in place, it is easier for customers to order, learn about and use the essential oils.
  • “A” for Authentic: The raw materials used to produce the blends go through strict quality assurance and are purchased from the highest level of certified suppliers.  Furthermore, before using the supplies to produce RMO oils, this undergoes an array of sample test to a greater extent.
  • “A” for Analysis: Since quality has always been the basic aim of RMO, there is an independent third party GM/MS test results provided for every single product.
  • “F” means Free of Adulterates: RMO oils go through an extensive independent third party quality and purity test lab to certify all the health measures.
  • “E” means Effectiveness and Pure: the company provides a 100% guaranteed pure and highly tested essential oils.



RMO hold a remarkable ground when it comes to essential oils. They provide oils that are 100% pure and free from adulterants.

The essential oils are highly certified through third-party GC/MS test. For example, since the oils are crafted out from a freshly organic plant, changes in weather or soil can affect the nutrient of the plant thereby resulting in a difference in the quality of the final essential oil. Hence, before moving them out for sale, they send the oils for an impressive array of test to ensure they attain the required quality.

To prove the quality of the essential oils, RMO provided the test result on the bottle of oils for you to see. For a further report about the oils purchased, RMO has a website where you can key in the batch number published on the bottle.


Cost Comparison

RMO offers very high-quality essential oils with a more affordable price range when compared to top companies’ oils like DoTerra and Young Living.

For example, let’s compare the price between the Young Living oil and RMO oils. The wholesale price of a 15 ml bottle of Young Living peppermint essential oils goes for $27.99. While the same size bottle of RMO peppermint essential oils is sold for $16.95. Furthermore,  In retail sales, the young living goes for 28.29 while the RMO is more or less half the price.

With this is certain RM essential Oil stand out as one of the low-priced essential oil brands in the market.


Bottom line

Indeed, RMO is a well-trusted company in the business. The testing process carried as well as the printing of the result on the bottle for the world to see makes them stand out when compared to other premium oil company. The variety of oils they offer for healthy well-being also gives the company added plus.





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