Top 3 Best Therapure Air Purifier Reviews in 2018

Therapure Air Purifier Reviews
Therapure Air Purifier Reviews
(Last Updated On: August 17, 2018)

Therapure air purifiers succeeded the Sharper image ionic purifiers. Although, they are built to be more durable and functional. They utilize the latest technology: HEPA filtration as well as ultra-violet photocatalytic conditioning, which is very expensive when it comes to purifying the air in your home.

The Therapture air purifier can remove visible dust, smoke, pollen, and pet pander from the air. These machines can also help to reduce the problems causing allergies and asthmatic problem in that way providing a safe and comfortable environment. The HEPA filters can get rid of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.

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Before you purchase one for your specific needs, it is important you read the Therapure air purifier reviews carefully. And whether you need it in your living room, bedroom or for the entire house, getting an insight of this should help you choose the right size of therapure air purifier.

The best air purifiers usually consume lesser energy. In that way, it will help you save more money while keeping your room air cleaner and purer.

Many things come with the best air purifiers. this includes a remote control, which allows you to operate the air purifier from a distance. In addition, some Therapure air purifiers also have an ionizer to enhance the freshness of the indoor air.

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Essential Tips before Buying a Therapure Air Purifier

Therepure air purifier comes with many features that can keep your room in a healthier state. It also comes in various brands. However, before shopping for the right one, there are essential things you need to consider. For this reason, we have put together essential tips to help you choose the right one.


Decide the type of Air Purifier You Want to Buy

Various types of air purifier come with different functions. There are air purifiers meant to protect you from smoke, dust, allergies and other pollutants. Therefore, you must get the right type of air purifier to give you home the best protection.

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Chose a Air Purifier Based on the capacity It produces

The size of the room will first determine the type you will have to use. In other words, the bigger the room, the bigger the air purifier capacity needed. But, it is recommended that you use an air purifier that has large capacity than the desired room. You can easily have clear information about the capacity by checking the packaging of the product.


Chose a Therapure Air purifier With a Filter

The filter in an air purifier makes it work effectively. The absence of a filter will affect purifying efficiency. But you should know that a purifier filter will need regular cleaning to maintain its effectiveness, that way this will ensure clean and fresh air in the long run.

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Chose an Air purifier Based on the price

The size and functionality of an air purifier determine its price. However, when you come across various models of air purifiers with the same features but different prices, it is best you go for the cheaper one. In other words, your budget should also guide you for the right choice.


In all, you should know that without the right air purifier this can lead to a negative impact in your room. That’s why you have to read the buying guide carefully before making a final decision. And With the tips above, it is certain that you will get the right air purifier that will work efficiently in your room.

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4 Best Therapure Air Purifier Reviews

As a result of their modern innovation on an air purifier, Therapure air purifiers have now gain grounds in many large stores like Home depot and Walmart. Let’s take a look at some of the best air purifier with filters from Therapure below:


#1. Envion Therapure TPP220-M Permanent HEPA Type Air Purifier

Generally, this air purifier comes with special filters, and it operates quietly when in use. It is equipped with three fan speed levels which all operate at a very quietly than most typical air purifiers. The unit is made with advanced technology, therefore, making it very effective as a purification device. It is equipped with a tri-speed fan that makes it applicable to small rooms.

What stands out is the presence of germicidal UV tech alongside the Photocatalytic. This helps to inhibit germs and bacteria in the air. Another big plus is the price as it is very affordable.

The downside is that it is noisy and not appropriate for large rooms. Despite this, the product is pretty cheap and easy to clean and maintain.

Overall, this air purifier can efficiently purify a small room, and it comes at a very cheap price.



  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean and pretty cheap
  • The presence of a germicidal UV light helps to get rid of germs in air.



  • Produces loud noise as it operates.


#2. Envion Therapure TPP440 Permanent HEPA Type Air Purifier

Many people consider the Envion Therapure TPP440 as one of the best choice in the Therapure line. For proper efficiency in removing smoke, dust and pollen from the air, it has a Clean Air Delivery Rating (CADR) of 108, 150 and 163 respectively. Also, it can help to get rid of contaminants and pollutants faster and quicker.

The exciting part of this air purifier is that it is easy to clean. In addition, it is light  in weight.

We do not like that the filters require constant replacement. Besides, the unit is also pretty expensive.

Overall, it comes with a beautiful design that will give aesthetic to your home. It has all the essential features needed in an air purifier.



  • Operate quietly
  • Portable and easy to clean
  • Light in weight



  • It could be rather expensive
  • The filter needs to be replaced regularly


#3. Therapure Uv Germicidal Air Purifier, Hepa Type, Photo Catalyst, TPP 540

Therapure TPP540 guarantees that users inhales air free from contaminations. It comes with two outstanding features which is the permanent HEPA-type filter that helps to ensure the delivery of clean air as well as the UV germicidal protection feature.

The best part about this unit is the excellent purification system as it continuously eliminates air particles efficiently.

The downside is due to the difficulty it takes to clean the air filter as it is very tedious to clean. Also, the HEPA type screen is not so good in filtering out air pollutants.

Overall, we love the advanced technology system it uses to deliver perfect air for breathing.



  • It comes with a UV germicide protection feature
  • Delivers fresh and cool scent
  • Portable and lightweight



  • Cleaning of the permanent filter could be tedious


#4. Envion Therapure TPP230 Permanent HEPA Type Air Purifier

The Envion Therapure TPP230 comes with a unique design containing a high-quality HEPA type filter that can help to get rid of smoke or gas of any type.

The exciting part is that it is very easy to use, lightweight and can last longer.

Overall, It provides a superb cleaning service with the moderate noise level.



  • The product is light and portable
  • It is easy and simple to clean
  • It comes with durable filters



  • The device is rather expensive
  • The device at times emits a foul odor


Wrap Up

The choice of an air purifier is very important to the health of the family. In other words, the air purifier should be able to get rid of pollen, smoke, dust and bio aerosols from the air. In addition to that, your air purifier should be able to produce safe atmosphere for every inhabitant of the home. Hence, with our top four picks and reviews, you will certainly find it less difficult to get the right one.

However, our best pick goes to the Environ Therapture TPP220. This is our top choice because of the ease of operation, durability and portability. With this air purifier you are guaranteed of a safe atmosphere in your home.

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