What Are Benefits of Air Purifier for Baby ?

What Are Benefits of Air Purifier for Baby
(Last Updated On: December 9, 2018)

Having a home free from airborne pollutant will undoubtedly have a lot to play in the health of a newborn baby.  It may seem impossible to keep the indoor air clean due to high airborne pollutant and the activities carried out in your home. Even in a room properly vacuum, tiny particles could still be floating in the air.  But one thing is certain; you can get rid of airborne pollutants that way the indoor air stays clean.

With the aid of an efficient air purifier, your home can become free from airborne particles and musty smells.  Of course, using an air purifier will provide a baby with a lot of health benefits.

Before heading to purchase an air purifier for your home or your baby’s room, we will like to tell you more about the health benefits of air purifier for baby.  Read on, to get to know these awesome benefits.




Health Benefits of Using an Air Purifier for Baby

Taking care of a newborn baby requires some essential things to put in place in order to provide sound health. Newborn baby and toddlers are more likely to easily get attacked by harmful airborne particles that could cause a severe harmful effect on their health. And since they have a fragile immune system, a lot has to be done to keep them protected at this early stage. Improving the indoor air will certainly help out to provide your baby with great health benefit.

One easy and quickest way to keep the air clean is to introduce an air purifier into your home.

The health of a baby could easily get affected by any airborne pollutant such as pet dander and chemicals. Improving the air quality in your home will make the baby feels more comfortable.

Furthermore, according to our observation, the outdoor air seems pretty better compared to the indoor air. But with the use of an air purifier, you can easily get rid of the airborne pollutant to keep the indoor air clean.

In humid region or during summer, the air seems to contain excess moisture. If nothing is done to reduce the humidity in your home, this could lead to awful musty smells, clammy skin and other harmful effects to the baby. Using a dehumidifier and an air purifier will help moderate the humidity and get rid of the awful odor in the room. That way, your home will become comfortable for your baby.



Do I Need to Use an Air Purifier in My Baby’s Room?

As mention before, several clear studies have shown that the indoor air contains 2 to 5 time the airborne pollutant of the outdoor. Most of this indoor airborne pollutant comes from the toxic chemical used in cosmetics, cleaning agents.

Smoke from the kitchen, particle from pets, and airborne chemicals permeating into the room could also result in harmful effect. When compared to the body weight of an adult, babies inhale more air. Hence, home users should consider reducing the use of product and chemicals containing toxins. However, using an air purifier will help improve the indoor air in the long run.



Air Purifiers That Are Safe For Your Baby

Hopefully, the information provided above has provided great insight into the benefit of air purifier for baby.

However, before heading to shop for one, just know that not all air purifiers are safe for baby. There are specific types of this unit that will provide great comfort while some could lead to a more dangerous effect.

The types and features to look out for when shopping for an air purifier for baby include:

♦ Activated carbon filter

♦ The True HEPA filter

The true HEPA filter works to remove even the tiniest particles from the air. It traps 99.9% of particles that are as small as 0.3 microns such as pollen, dust mites, or pet dander.

Activated carbon filter works to neutralize any musty smells or strong odors from the indoor air. It does this by trapping particles and gases that pass through the filter after which it releases carbon element to get rid of them.

These two main filters won’t cause any harmful effect on your baby. Getting one of this for your baby will play a lot more to protect your baby from airborne contaminants.


Final Word

A baby requires optimal air quality for sound health. Using an Air purifier in your home will improve the indoor air, that way providing more comfort for your baby.






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