What Size Dehumidifier For Grow Room ?

What Size Dehumidifier For Grow Room
(Last Updated On: November 3, 2018)

Having a moderate humidity level in a grow room will play an important role in providing a desirable air quality. But it could be pretty difficult to maintain this level efficiently. Therefore, when deciding a place to use for an indoor garden, also consider how much moisture that will build up due in the space. The reason is that plant transpires the water they receive and this could lead to excess moisture causing a severe harmful effect to the growth of the crop. Harmful effects such as mold and mildew could destroy your entire crop production if not taking care as soon as possible.

What Humidity Should I Set My Dehumidifier

However, using an efficient dehumidifier with great features can help to monitor and maintain the humidity of the grow room. But how great it will work to ensure a moderate humidity level will depend on the right dehumidifier size.   Hence, it’s crucial to know what size dehumidifier for grow room needed to keep the space comfortable for your plant.



Needs and Requirements For Your Grow Room

To determine the right dehumidifier size, you have to put in mind your specific needs and requirement of your indoor garden. First, consider the size of the grow room and the activities carried out in your grow room per day. For instance:

♦ Are you using an air conditioner to maintain the temperature? If that’s the case, check the dehumidification rating; look for the part that shows the amount of moisture it will pull out from the air in 24 hours.

♦ The total square footage of the grow room and the amount of water the plant will receive per day.



Important Things to Consider When Looking For the Right Dehumidifier Size for your Grow Room

Moisture Level

To determine the amount of moisture buildup that will prevail in your indoor garden, first, carry out a rough evaluation.  This should include the overall plants in your grow room and the amount of water each plant will receive. For instance, if 20 plants get 2 gallons of water each in a day this means 40 gallons would be the overall water intake.


Now let’s get the pint capacity needed. Since, one gallon equal to 8 pints, using the previous example this means the overall would equal 320 pints of water per day. To convert this into moisture, you should know that one pound moisture equals 1 pint of water. Hence, 320 pints is equal to 320 pounds of moisture per day.

Study has shown that plants take out approximately 97% of the water they receive.

With the guide provided, it easy to get the amount of moisture that needs to be pulled out from your grow room daily.   It all depends on the amount of water you plan to work with.



Size of Dehumidifier

The size of the dehumidifier for your grow room doesn’t mean how big or small the unit looks. But how much water it can extract in a day rated as pint capacity. For example, a 70-pint capacity unit will take out 70 pints of moisture in the grow room daily.

Most units which come in large size tend to remove more moisture from the air than a smaller unit. But, this entire all depends on the pint capacity of the model.



Other essential Factors to Put in Mind

♦ If the grow room has openings, you will need to add roughly 5 pints to the intended moisture removal capacity.

♦ If you’re carrying out the indoor garden in an area with a humid climate, you will need to add 10 pints after your estimated pint capacity.





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