What Size of Dehumidifier Do You Need ?

What Size Of Dehumidifier Do You Need
(Last Updated On: September 2, 2018)

When it comes to getting the right dehumidifier size that will work great for your apartment, basement or crawlspace can seem pretty tricky. The reason is that there’re numerous humidifiers available in the market of various sizes and features. And if you have no idea about the right size of dehumidifiers for different spaces, the question always pops up “what size of dehumidifier do I need ? ”

Using a dehumidifier in an indoor space is great as it can help to prevent the growth of mould and other harmful effects of excess moisture. But without the right size of dehumidifier, this can result in a total waste of money.

The moisture level and the size of the space should determine the size of unit you should purchase. But this requires some great consideration. That’s why we’ve put together sizing guide that will help you choose the right unit.



What Size Of Dehumidifier Do You Need ?

People always ask this question, but you should know that the right dehumidifier size for your space doesn’t mean how small or how bulky it looks. Instead, this is determined by how much moisture (In pint) it can remove from the air per day. Most large size unit tends to remove more pint of water from the air when compared to smaller units.

Also, the water tanks size does not define the unit capacity. That means, dehumidifiers might come with a large water tank, but that does not mean it will also extract more water from the indoor air. The water tank size (measured in liters or gallons) is specified separately by manufacturers to prevent any mix-up.

First, before embarking on shopping a dehumidifier, you need to know the area of the space you want to use the unit. To get this, you have to know the square foot of the room by measuring its length and width. Multiply your findings to get the area in square feet. For example, a room of 30 feet long and 50 feet wide will give a total of 1500(30×50=1500 square foot).

For a better approach when getting a dehumidifier base on your room size, refer to this guide provided below. It will help you make the right choice.



Pint Capacity of Dehumidifier

30 – Pint dehumidifier

This is best suited for an area of up to 2000 square feet. But if your basement seems pretty damper, it’s best to get a dehumidifier with higher pint capacity.


50-pint dehumidifier

These units also works great in room sizes of up to 2000 square feet but with better efficiency. They can remove more moisture in a damper room faster than the 30-pint units. In damper home with musty smells, investing in this unit will help get rid of more moisture faster.


70 Pint Dehumidifier

This unit is best suited for extremely damp space and in larger size room of more than 2000 square feet. So if you have a large size space, this is worth investing on. The only set back is that they are pretty expensive.


Most dehumidifier comes with bucket that helps to store the absorbed moisture from the air. This bucket needs to regularly prevent the unit from damages.

However, if you don’t want to go through the hassles of emptying the bucket regularly, you should consider getting one with drain system or pump. This allows it to drain continuously. This way it erases the need for a water collection container



Other Important Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Size

As earlier said, looking out for the pint capacity will give a great idea on what dehumidifier size you will need. But there’re also other relevant thing you need to put in mind when getting a dehumidifier.


Most dehumidifiers work great in room temperature above 45 degree Fahrenheit. However, not all dehumidifier work great in room temperature below 15 degree Celsius. Hence, when getting a unit, read the reviews of the product carefully.

In colder indoor space, getting a desiccant dehumidifier will be the best option. These dehumidifiers work perfectly even in room temperature below 15 degrees.


Nevertheless, Compressor Dehumidifier with Auto frost function will also work great in a colder environment.  But when it gets pretty cold, it might just sit there emitting heat to its coils without absorbing much moisture. Furthermore, in a room with moderate temperature you can choose to stick to the normal compressor units.


Moisture Level of the Space

Getting the square footage of the space is not enough to determine the right dehumidifier size. Hence, to also get the best result, you’ll need to consider the moisture level of the space you’ll want to dehumidify. For pretty damp space it’s best to get one with a little more or larger pint capacity, but if it is moderately moist, you can stick to pint capacity rated for the room size.




Our Recommended Dehumidifier

We preferred the Frigidaire® brand, no matter the dehumidifier size you need. This brand offers three varieties of dehumidifier sizes. This includes 30-pint, 50-pint, and 70-pint capacity. They come with a large bucket that collects water.


To get rid of the hassles of emptying the tank they also feature a drain outlet. This allows the water to drain continuously, But only consider using this feature if the room as a suitable drain.

In addition to its features, they come with auto shut-off function that turns off the unit when the water container gets full. That way, it prevents the overflow of water and damages.

One most exciting part is that all Frigidaire models are Energy Star certified. This means they don’t consume much energy. That way it saves you more money.




Final Word

The dehumidifier size is the amount of water it can extract from the air per day. Before embarking on purchasing a dehumidifier, this is one of the most important factors you need consider.

However, to get the right dehumidifier size, you need to also consider the room size, moisture level, room temperature, and extra features.

With all the information provided you will find it easier to get the right size that will work great in your home.






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