Where to Place Air Purifier ?

Where to Place Air Purifier
(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

Air Purifiers improves your indoor quality by removing toxins from the air. However, it can only perform this task well when placed in a suitable spot. Many people do not know where to put air purifiers. Some people even find it extremely difficult making this choice.

Read on as this article guides you on your search for the best spot to place your purifier. Now while relax and wonder if there is any solution in sight, here are some tips to help you.


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Place the Unit Beside Near the Source of the Smell

Is there a room that has a smoky smell that never goes away? Or maybe you have a space with damp smells taking all the air away? Ensure you place the air purifier at such places. The closer the unit to the source, the quicker the odors disappear with the help of the purifier. However, you might find it hard to remove odors which come from outside your home. But placing the unit in the direction it comes from helps a lot.



Easy to Carry

Smaller purifiers such as the Therepure allow us to clean the air in various rooms with ease. Why? This is because they have features which make them light and easy to handle. You can move such items around your home without breaking a sweat. For example, you can take it to your bedroom at night before you go to bed or use it in your home office during the day.



At the Entrance of Your Rooms

Placing an air purifier at the entrance or doorways also has its advantage. This position ensures that the product (purifier) trap harmful substances before they come into the room. They also bring down particles that can trigger some illnesses such as asthma.


At the Bathroom or Kitchen

Bathrooms and kitchens have conditions such as dampness which make odors and bacteria to thrive. Pairing a combo of both UV lamps and HEPA filters go a long way in removing these unwanted guests in both areas. Ensure you place the devices near the dustbin or the beside the gas cooker to clean the air entirely.


A Space with Closed Entrances and Windows

Air Purifiers work better when you shut the windows and doors in a room. This makes the unit trap all the airborne particles and microbes without the outside air hindering its operation.

Shut windows or doors might sound unreasonable as they let fresh air inside. But tiny allergens and other particles can always come in from the outside making your purifier to work without trapping all the particles from the outside air.

In warmer months with high temperatures and extreme heat, you should position your unit under different rules. Try to place the unit away from direct sunlight or hot areas as they can damage your purifier.

And finally, when finding where to place air purifiers avoid spots where people can trip over the cables and do not use it near furniture or electronics. In summary, you should set your purifier in a spot that has enough airflow as this allows it to trap as many particles as possible.



Final Words

Air purifiers help remove toxins from the air in our homes. However, they work better when you put them in spots that allow them to trap air easily. Such places include doorways, bathrooms and besides stoves amongst others. Now that you know where to place air purifiers, prepare to enjoy a home with optimal quality air.






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