Will Dehumidifiers Help Air Conditioners ?

Will Dehumidifiers Help Air Conditioners
(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

Will Dehumidifiers Help Air conditioners? This question comes across the minds of homeowners that want to use a dehumidifier with air conditioner during the warmer months. Believe it or not, many do not have an answer to this “riddle”.

Excess indoor moisture causes several problems including sweat, mold, and mildew. With this kind of conditions, seeing dehumidifiers working together with air conditioners is not a bad idea. Sit back and relax while we show you if such a union can help with your indoor air quality.



The Link between Humidity and Your Air Conditioner

With air conditioners, you can reduce your indoor moisture content by passing the air through condensers and evaporator coils. This air remains cool even if the outside temperature becomes pretty hot. Thus, during a heat wave, an Ac unit works well while dehumidifiers help when the indoor becomes damp.

Not only does dehumidification reduce the level of dampness in your building, but it also provides more comfort as it erases the need to cool the air. Apart from making you free from sweaty clothes and armpits, these devices run with less energy. So, when the outside weather becomes less warm, you do not need to rack up your energy bills to feel comfortable. Now let’s answer the question you might have been pondering on.



Will Air Conditioners Work Great In Tandem With A Dehumidifier?

Home appliance brands designed the unit to provide more in our homes(asides making a profit but that is a story for another day). With less damp in the air, our bodies sweat to remove heat. As the air has more vapor, this makes us lose less heat. The trapped heat causes us to feel hotter and uncomfortable at the same time.

The Unit does a lot of good by making household air cool thus stopping you from needing to switch ON your A.C unit. For example, in cases of high humidity, you can reduce your air conditioner usage by 30% if you have an ideal dehumidifier in your living space. Although the unit uses electric energy, they consume way less than air conditioners.

Bringing down the humid conditions in your home will result in fewer water droplets in your air conditioner. But is there anything wrong with this? Well, yes, moisture supports the growth of algae which blocks the AC’s drainage. This could also damage the unit in the long run.

Reduced humidity levels also mean your AC has a longer service life. Since you do not need to use it for long periods, that way it saves you more money through fewer repairs.



When Should I Run only a Dehumidifier?

Research tells us that 78 degrees is the ideal temperature to set your air conditioner during hot conditions. It also shows us that pairing fans and dehumidifiers can replace your air conditioner when off.

However if the temperature increases, you can use an air conditioner to support the Unit. Don’t forget that dehumidifiers reduce the workload on your Ac unit to draw away moisture. Dehumidifiers spend more power to cool damp air than dry air. Even if Unit heats the air by a few degrees, they cut your electric bills and make you enjoy your stay at home.


Final Thoughts

Many people do not know if dehumidifiers should work with AC units. ACs drops the temperature in our rooms while dehumidifiers take out moisture from the air. These Units can reduce heat without any help thereby cutting costs; however, some conditions require both devices to work together.






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